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Another Christmas season is upon us

By Lethbridge Herald on December 22nd, 2023

LEAVE IT TO BEEBER Al Beeber – managing editor Christmas is almost upon us. In three more days, kids of all ages will be sitting around the Christmas tree opening gifts and enjoying the merriment of the season. I’m not a Christmas kind of person but this will be one of the rare Christmases I’m ... Read More »

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Government taking action on drought in Alberta

By Lethbridge Herald on December 19th, 2023

Rebecca Shultz MINISTER OF ENVIRONMENT AND PROTECTED AREAS Water is one of Alberta’s most precious resources. We all use it, consume it, and rely on it. Most of the water that Albertans use to drink, grow crops, run our businesses and sustain our environment comes from rain and melting snow. The last three years have ... Read More »

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Running on empty: a look at water in southern Alberta

By Lethbridge Herald on December 15th, 2023

LORNE FITCH There need to be periodic reminders that the frontier aspect of Alberta is over and we need to grow up. Unlimited space and inexhaustible resources are no more. Perhaps last on the list to be recognized is water, especially for southern Alberta. The Alberta government seems incoherently reluctant to make Albertans aware of ... Read More »

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The working class can only carry so much weight

By Lethbridge Herald on December 15th, 2023

LEAVE IT TO BEEBER Al Beeber – managing editor Tension is in the air. You can feel it and that tension is rising. Even with Christmas nearing, the tension is palpable. And there are many reasons for it, mostly economic. Groceries are expensive, the costs of mortgages and housing have skyrocketed, southern Alberta water levels ... Read More »

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Family traditions create the stories we share

By Lethbridge Herald on December 9th, 2023

AT THE LEGISLATURE Nathan Neudorf – UCP MLA for Lethbridge East As the festive season unfolds, I extend heartfelt greetings to the wonderfully diverse community of Lethbridge. In this season of celebration, we come together to honor the traditions that weave the fabric of our unique cultural tapestry. From saying “Merry Christmas” to marking the ... Read More »

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Council facing defining moments

By Lethbridge Herald on December 8th, 2023

LEAVE IT TO BEEBER Al Beeber – Managing editor We all know the cliche that there are only two things certain about life – death and taxes. But it’s not that simple. Life is complex, and between birth and death, life is adventurous and demanding. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart. Part of ... Read More »

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Big tech/big gov’t collusion will kill local news in Canada

By Lethbridge Herald on December 2nd, 2023

FROM THE HILL Rachael Thomas – Conservative Member of Parliament for Lethbridge Imagine you are making a big purchase and have hired a lawyer to negotiate the terms for you. You make your expectations known and your lawyer promises he can get everything you have requested.  As part of the process, your lawyer goes into ... Read More »

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Where have all the teachers gone in Alberta?

By Lethbridge Herald on November 29th, 2023

Jason Schilling ALBERTA TEACHERS ASSOCIATION Alberta’s students deserve the best. Unfortunately, our ability to attract and retain teachers to work in public schools is being eroded. Dedicated teachers are exiting the province and exiting the profession because of how untenable working conditions have become. With an influx of new students into classrooms in recent years, ... Read More »

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Danielle Smith spreading the gravy train around

By Lethbridge Herald on November 25th, 2023

AT THE LEGISLATURE Shannon Phillips – NDP MLA for Lethbridge West   For those of us with long memories of Alberta politics there was a certain irony to this week’s revelations of sole-sourced contracts to government insiders and friends. In fact, the irony was louder than a freight train’s horn as the list of contracts ... Read More »

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Lethbridge not alone in facing economic pressures

By Lethbridge Herald on November 24th, 2023

FROM THE HALL Blaine Hyggen – Mayor of Lethbridge It’s been a busy few weeks around City Hall and around Lethbridge. Last week, Lethbridge city council met for three days as our Economic and Finance Standing Policy Committee, for an overview of the current economic conditions and the impact they have on the City’s financial ... Read More »

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SCAN unit a welcome law enforcement asset

By Lethbridge Herald on November 24th, 2023

LEAVE IT TO BEEBER Al Beeber The recent announcement of a Lethbridge-based unit of the Safer Community and Neighbourhoods unit of the Alberta Sheriffs is huge for this city. And no, this isn’t an effort to create a provincial police force as I’ve heard from several residents who automatically dismiss everything the UCP government does ... Read More »

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