July 24th, 2024


Kindness is all around us

By Lethbridge Herald on May 17th, 2024

LEAVE IT TO BEEBER Al Beeber – managing editor To start with, I want to say a special thanks to the anonymous reader who dropped off a gift at the office last Friday for my birthday. The reader told Nikki at the front counter she’s a fond reader of my columns and I gather she ... Read More »

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Empowering Albertans to take control of their finances

By Lethbridge Herald on May 11th, 2024

AT THE LEGISLATURE Nathan Neudorf – UCP MLA for Lethbridge East It is no secret that the cost of living is hitting Albertans hard. I hear from constituents every day who are struggling with inflation, unaffordable housing, food insecurity, and other consequences that come with the high cost of living.  This is putting more pressure ... Read More »

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Guardian angel was watching

By Lethbridge Herald on May 10th, 2024

LEAVE IT TO BEEBER Al Beeber – managing editor I made it! I’m officially a senior citizen after turning 65 this week. While I had intended to celebrate by taking a week off as I’ve traditionally done over the years, as you can tell since you’re reading this column that didn’t happen. I couldn’t leave ... Read More »

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When you’re in a hole, don’t dig another one

By Lethbridge Herald on May 7th, 2024

LORNE FITCH One definition of a consultant is someone who looks at your watch and tells you what time it is. The recently released consultant’s report— Adaptation Roadmap for the SSRB: Assessment of Strategic Water Management Projects to Support Economic Development in the South Saskatchewan River Basin— is a mirror reflecting back the aspirations of ... Read More »

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Canadians not fooled by Trudeau’s empty promises

By Lethbridge Herald on May 4th, 2024

FROM THE HILL Rachael Thomas – Conservative Member of Parliament for Lethbridge Have you ever heard of a snake oil salesman?  The term originated in the 1900s from an infamous impostor who sold snake oil as a miracle medicine. It turns out the supposed “snake oil” was just a concoction of mineral oil, beef fat, ... Read More »

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Bill 20 an intrusion into the democratic process

By Lethbridge Herald on May 3rd, 2024

LEAVE IT TO BEEBER Al Beeber – Managing Editor Of all the legislation introduced by the UCP government since Danielle Smith assumed power, Bill 20 may be among the most controversial – and it certainly has the potential to be the most concerning. This bill, if passed in the legislature, will give the provincial cabinet ... Read More »

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Lethbridge residents want to keep their CPP

By Lethbridge Herald on April 27th, 2024

AT THE LEGISLATURE Shannon Phillips – NDP MLA for Lethbridge West In May I will celebrate nine years since my first election as the MLA for Lethbridge-West.  This work has been an honour like no other. I have met so many Lethbridgeans and feel like I have watched your children grow and your flower gardens ... Read More »

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Time to reflect a bit on the years

By Lethbridge Herald on April 26th, 2024

LEAVE IT TO BEEBER Al Beeber – managing editor Eight months from tomorrow I’ll be working my last shift in journalism after 44.5 years. It seems just like yesterday I loaded up my portable typewriter, clothes and a set of weights into the trunk of a two-door Chevy Caprice and pulled away from my dad’s ... Read More »

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Volunteers show the city cares

By Lethbridge Herald on April 19th, 2024

Al Beeber Managing Editor How important are volunteers to a community? In Lethbridge, more than half of residents do volunteer work and the average is 90 hours per year, contributing $135 million annually to the local economy. That information comes from Amanda Jensen, executive director of Volunteer Lethbridge who spoke to The Herald’s Alejandra Pulido-Guzman ... Read More »

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Alberta seniors will pay for UCP subterfuge of their pensons

By Lethbridge Herald on April 17th, 2024

DAVID B. CARPENTER On December 7 of 2023, I fell on the city sidewalk, fractured my femur in a comminuted fashion, could not move and had three lovely neighbourhood ladies and my wife hoist me up and call an ambulance.  I met an exceptionally attentive ER doc as well as really great nursing staff and ... Read More »

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Transforming southern Alberta: Budget 2024 unveils major investments

By Lethbridge Herald on April 13th, 2024

AT THE LEGISLATURE Nathan Neudorf – UCP MLA for Lethbridge East Exciting news is on the horizon for Southern Alberta as Budget 2024 unveils substantial investments aimed at propelling our region’s healthcare and infrastructure sectors to new heights. With a focus on the expansion of the University of Lethbridge (U of L) medical school and ... Read More »

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