August 14th, 2020


Releasing grizzly cubs back into wild not most humane solution

By Lethbridge Herald Opinon on June 4th, 2020

Gordon Stenhouse Alberta Environment and Parks I write today to respond to a recent n open letter regarding three grizzly bear cubs that government Fish and Wildlife officers rescued – and to clear up misinformation contained in the letter. These grizzly bear cubs are four months old and would not have survived in the wild ... Read More »

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Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden facility good investment for City

By Lethbridge Herald Opinon on June 3rd, 2020

Trina Tymko, Kimberly Lyall and Barrie Orich Board members, Lethbridge Transparency Council In 2017, Lethbridge City Council approved the Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden Program and Community Facility (Facility) as part of the Capital Improvement Program (CIP). On April 6, council defeated a motion to discontinue the project, thereby keeping the project in the current CIP ... Read More »

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COVID-19 and climate change

By Lethbridge Herald Opinon on May 30th, 2020

Geoengineering can create window of time to make necessary changes Human beings respond well to a crisis that is familiar, especially if it is also imminent. They don’t do nearly as well when the threat is unfamiliar and still apparently quite distant. Consider our response to the current coronavirus threat. Countries in East Asia with ... Read More »

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COVID exposes food-chain cracks

By Lethbridge Herald Opinon on May 29th, 2020

Don’t blame farmers for food waste Sylvain Charlebois PROFESSOR, DALHOUSIE UNIVERSITY Millions of litres of milk are being thrown away, more than two million eggs are eliminated from the food chain, and pigs and chickens are being euthanized. There’s horror in the countryside. Throwing away good food when more than four million Canadians have lost ... Read More »

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Flattening the debt curve

By Lethbridge Herald Opinon on May 28th, 2020

It’s time to focus on financial aftermath of pandemic strategies Gerard Lucyshyn SENIOR FELLOW FRONTIER CENTRE FOR PUBLIC POLICY It has become routine for Canadians to listen to the daily national COVID-19 briefing. We wait to learn about the current state of affairs and whose turn it is to receive financial aid. A million here, ... Read More »

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Universities’ positive impacts

By Lethbridge Herald Opinon on May 27th, 2020

Alberta universities making presence felt during COVID crisis Confederation of Alberta Faculty Associations (CAFA) Investment in post-secondary education by past governments means Alberta universities are now at the forefront of developing both a COVID-19 vaccine and providing insight on the new normal we are all facing today. As a result of past investment, our Alberta ... Read More »

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Boiling frogs and tropical storms

By Lethbridge Herald Opinon on May 23rd, 2020

Changing climate will force many people to relocate I’ve never really believed the story climate crusaders tell to explain why so many people don’t get the message. You know, the one where if you drop a frog into a pot of boiling water it will hop right out, whereas if you just turn the heat ... Read More »

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Gov’t efforts having negative effect

By Lethbridge Herald Opinon on May 22nd, 2020

UCP decisions have increased pandemic pain for Albertans Ordinarily, I would start May’s column in our local paper with some reflection on how glad I am to be able to wander the coulees in nice spring weather, or how wonderful the lilacs and fresh-cut grass in my neighbourhood smell on a sunny weekend morning. > ... Read More »

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Exploding energy subsidy myths

By Lethbridge Herald Opinon on May 21st, 2020

Mark Milke and Lennie Kaplan CANADIAN ENERGY CENTRE In the ongoing debate over whether Canada’s oil and natural gas industry will or should survive, one argument often advanced is the notion that oil and gas activity in Canada survives only due to massive subsidies from taxpayers. The debate has been fuelled recently by comments from ... Read More »

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Child care plays a key role, too

By Lethbridge Herald Opinon on May 20th, 2020

Support for child-care services should be part of province’s COVID-19 response Sherry Hunt BOARD CHAIR, CHILDREN’S HOUSE CHILD CARE SOCIETY When child-care centres across the country were told to close their doors due to COVID-19-related public health orders, leaving only day-home care available in some provinces, thousands of Canadian families, many of them critical and ... Read More »

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The real-life action hero (sort of)

By Lethbridge Herald Opinon on May 16th, 2020

A tragicomic end to Jordan Goudreau’s plan It’s hard being born Canadian if your ambition is to be a real-life version of movie tough guy Jean-Claude Van Damme (“Blood Sport,” “Death Warrant,” “Universal Soldier,” “Last Action Hero”). The same goes for being Belgian, of course, but Van Damme just wanted to be in the movies. ... Read More »

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