May 26th, 2016

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Nick Kuhl Lethbridge Herald Palliser superintendent Kevin Gietz is taking an undetermined leave of absence, it was announced Wednesday. Amid the ongoing external operational review of the division, recently reduced to a two-member panel, the Board of Trustees of Palliser Regional Schools passed a resolution Tuesday to immediately appoint

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  • School District 51 to rely on reserve funds

    Dave Mabell LETHBRIDGE HERALD Lethbridge School District 51 officials will be dipping into reserve funds once again, in preparation for the 2016-17 academic year. District 51 trustees heard Tuesday about $3.9 million from reserves will be included in the $120.6 million, added to grants from the provincial... Read More »

    7 mins ago
  • Lane closures at intersection today

    LETHBRIDGE The inside northbound and southbound lanes of Mayor Magrath Drive South will be closed in the area of the 34 Avenue South/Southgate Boulevard intersection today for completion of intersection improvements. Improvements include establishing dual southbound left-turn lanes and new dedicated left-turn signals to enhance traffic flow and... Read More »

    7 mins ago
  • Accessibility issues remain in Lethbridge

    Melissa Villeneuve Lethbridge Herald Everyday tasks become all the more challenging to complete when one has limited mobility, Lethbridge’s MP Rachael Harder learned firsthand on Wednesday. Harder took part in Chair-Leaders 2016, organized by Spinal Cord Injury Alberta, to increase awareness of the difficulties people with mobility... Read More »

    7 mins ago

Local Sports

  • Former Bulls remembered for playing the game the right way

    Dale Woodard Lethbridge Herald Tanner Craswell and Mitch MacLean played the game of baseball the right way. They were dirtbags – in the best way possible – and the two former members of the Lethbridge Bulls proudly showed that with nightly displays of hard-played, properly-played ball with... Read More »

    7 mins ago
  • Kodiak volleyball coaches have local ties

    Dale Woodard Lethbridge Herald Anna Schwark and Greg Gibos are making their Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference head coaching debut on familiar terrain. The Lethbridge College Kodiaks announced Wednesday the hiring of Gibos and Schwark as the new head coaches of the Kodiaks men’s and women’s volleyball teams,... Read More »

    7 mins ago
  • High school rugby tier finals set

    Lethbridge Herald The Southern Alberta High School Rugby League tier finals are set for boys and girls for Monday. In boys and girls Tier II action Wednesday, the third-ranked teams defeated the second-ranked squads as the Fort Macleod F.P. Walshe Flyers Flyers downed the Chinook Coyotes 34-10 and... Read More »

    7 mins ago

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By IMO: Medicine Hat News Comment already extinct: you write with white privilege as your filter and a severe lack of knowledge regarding race relations ... Read More »

By already extinct: Medicine Hat News Comment I also have had long exposure to native Canadians, and much longer than before it was fashionable and profitable to be "... Read More »

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  • Strengthening accountability

    Let’s hope reforms to Access to Information Act address flaws Access delayed is access denied. Consequently, the federal government deserves praise for eliminating costly fees to process access to information requests. But the devil is in the details and questions need answers before the rush to judgment is complete. Ottawa plans reforms to the Access ... Read More »

    7 mins ago
  • Libya and the hesitation two-step

    When “Prime Minister” Fayez al-Sarraj of the “Government of National Accord” GNA) arrived in Libya a month ago, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said that it was “not the time for obstructionists to hold back progress.” A noble sentiment, but it does make you want to ask Kerry: When would be the right time ... Read More »

    4 days ago
  • National housing strategy needed

    Providing secure, safe housing also addresses persistent health problems Danyaal Raza and Ritika Goel EVIDENCENETWORK.CA – Toronto As family doctors, we see and know the powerful effect proper housing has on the health of our patients. When you feel unwell, whether from a minor cold or a devastating terminal illness, the feeling of home, the ... Read More »

    5 days ago

Letters to The Editor

  • Is STEP program really such a good deal?

    The Alberta Summer Temporary Employment Program (STEP) is advertised by the Government of Alberta (GOA) to allow students to obtain work experience through subsidised wages to those student workers. $10 million is allocated to this program in 2016. I applied to hire two summer students through this program, and was turned down. The funds had ... Read More »

    7 mins ago
  • Economic theory is no longer working

    Is there any better example of why our current theory of economics is no longer working than Fort McMurray today? Economic theory suggests that prices rise to meet demand. Demand continues to rise, but hundreds of thousands are out of work, and therefore cannot meet their needs. The theory refuses to include the costs of ... Read More »

    7 mins ago
  • In praise of writer’s common sense

    To Kimberlee Vroom, whose letter “Don’t discount young people’s opinions on right-to-die” appeared in the Lethbridge Herald Sunday, May 22. You have shown more common sense on the euthanasia situation than most people twice your age. Well done, Kimberlee. Arlene Butler Lethbridge... Read More »

    1 day ago