August 21st, 2014

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Lethbridge HeraldOverheated brakes are believed responsible for a blaze that closed part of Highway 3 early Wednesday morning.Mat Conte, chief of the Coalhurst Fire Department, said some kind of mechanical problem with brakes on a transport trailer led to the overheating and fire, which spread to the rear

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Do you think a change in the Alberta PC leadership will have a significant impact on how the province is run?

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  • Abduction case back in court

    Lethbridge Herald The southern Alberta woman accused of abducting her two young daughters earlier this year was back in court Wednesday, but only long enough to adjourn her case to Monday. Trina Marie Meisel, whose name is no longer subject to a publication ban, sat quietly in the... Read More »

    20 mins ago
  • Farm families honoured at Lethbridge Exhibition President’s reception dinner

    Lethbridge Herald A dozen farm families from across the region were recognized by the province this week. Pioneering Alberta families who have farmed or ranched the same land for 100 years or more are being recognized by the Government of Alberta with Century Farm and Ranch Awards. “Alberta’s... Read More »

    20 mins ago
  • Something’s brewing

    Lethbridge Herald It’s now a quarter-century since the Molson company shut down the landmark “House of Lethbridge” brewery. But today, a Lethbridge group will break ground on a new, “craft” sized brewery aimed at tourists as well as southern Alberta consumers. WildCraft Brewery Inc. plans to include a... Read More »

    20 mins ago

Local Sports

  • ‘Canes camp kicking off

    Dale Woodard Lethbridge Herald There will be a combination of familiar as well as fresh faces when the Lethbridge Hurricanes open camp today. As the team opens the Enmax doors to the public for their four-day camp, Hurricanes general manager Brad Robson noted a roster of veteran... Read More »

    20 mins ago
  • Lethbridge Rugby Club men fall to Calgary Irish

    Dale Woodard Lethbridge Herald On the plus side, a playoff berth is still a possibility for the Lethbridge Rugby Club men’s team. However, following a 27-20 loss the Calgary Irish Saturday afternoon at the Lethbridge Rugby Club, the LRC squad just made that run for a post-season... Read More »

    4 days ago
  • Bullseye

    Dale Woodard Lethbridge Herald It was over 50 years that Rudy Mack first took aim alongside Frank and Evelyn Leffingwell. What followed was a friendship that has stayed right on target and Mack trekked down from Calgary to attend the 14th Annual Frank Leffingwell Memorial Shoot at... Read More »

    4 days ago

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By sticinper: Medicine Hat News Comment He intromits he was just lipsynching on the saxophone, not truly spieling it. Will they, won't they? Just care this. Tha... Read More »

By sticinper: Medicine Hat News Comment Hoyos sized up Ostergar's lurch the way a climber occupies in a rock wall, mapping out out his route. spikes taper to a ... Read More »

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  • City thrives on volunteers

    From its earliest days, Lethbridge has been an industrial town. Coal miners and railway workers came here from many nations. And they brought their favourite sports and cultural pursuits with them. Stores, factories, farming and food processing operators followed as the city grew. So did Lethbridge’s recreational and cultural traditions. That legacy led eventually to ... Read More »

    20 mins ago
  • Sometimes you need a witch hunt

    Not only were government aircraft operated for personal use, government ministers vehemently attacked the Opposition in the legislature for even asking questions about the flights that the auditor general has now said were unacceptable. Hansard reveals some strategic responses from government. Danielle Smith, leader of the Wildrose Opposition, asked April 14 for an explanation about ... Read More »

    24 hours ago
  • Ebola fears real, but not for us here

    A Hollywood movie is released every few years showing all of the world collapsing from a pandemic caused by some superbug. As much as the Chicken Littles over the past month have been pushing, we’re not facing this with the Ebola virus. If you’re worried about Ebola landing on North American shores, sorry to burst ... Read More »

    2 days ago

Letters to The Editor

  • Alternative for Harper is scary

    Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his government have been responsible for the health that Canada has as a nation. Harper is respected around the world and Canada has held number-one spot in leading the G7 out of the recession. Canada supports the only democratic nation in the Middle East: Israel. Instead of swallowing headlines, Harper ... Read More »

    24 hours ago
  • Transparency act needed for charity and activist groups

    I have noted lately, with disappointment, letters to the editor bashing our governments without valid justification. That is if you dig deeper into the issues. Some are bashing our federal government for auditing so-called “charitable organizations” while others are bashing our provincial government for refusing to provide an audience for activist groups. Both, charitable organizations ... Read More »

    24 hours ago
  • These are worrisome times we live in

    Are we getting ready for World War Three? We just commemorated the anniversary of the start of the First World War. I thought people would like to forget one of the greatest tragedies in world history, but we seem to be celebrating every movement of the war. The world thrives on war. The world finds ... Read More »

    2 days ago