May 3rd, 2016

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Melissa Villeneuve Lethbridge Herald How to proceed with the development of a large area in Lethbridge’s southeast was a hot topic at Monday’s city council meeting. In April 2013, council approved a budget to complete a plan for the remaining unplanned 680 hectares of land in the southeast sector,

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  • High temperatures prompt special weather statement

    Nick Kuhl Lethbridge Herald Southern Alberta has a heat warning in effect. In May. As daytime highs could hit 30 C in the next few days, Environment Canada issued a special weather statement for the city of Lethbridge, as well as areas of Lethbridge County, the County... Read More »

    4 hours ago
  • Friend of Family nominations sought

    Dave Mabell Lethbridge Herald In Lethbridge, helping out when someone’s in need has become second nature. As readers of The Lethbridge Herald’s “Roast and Toasts” feature see frequently, southern Albertans are happy to pay for a stranger’s coffee, or mow a neighbour’s lawn. Lethbridge Family Services wants... Read More »

    4 hours ago
  • Creating young historians

    Saturday’s heritage fair will showcase students’ projects Belinda Crowson GALT MUSEUM EDUCATOR So often we’re told history – this is the story, this is what happened, learn it and remember it. History is a fascinating story of people, places and past times. But history is also a... Read More »

    4 hours ago

Local Sports

  • Hale nails provincial gold medal

    Dale Woodard Lethbridge Herald Lethbridge’s Ava Hale earned a provincial gold medal in tumbling last month, a result worth flipping out about. In mid-April, the 11-year-old member of the University of Lethbridge XFinity Tramp & Tumbling Club headed to the Alberta Trampoline & Tumbling Provincial Championships in... Read More »

    4 hours ago
  • Leicester’s locals cheer league title

    Dylan Purcell LETHBRIDGE HERALD The Leicester City Football Club Supporters of Alberta celebrated the greatest accomplishment in their fandoms’ history on Monday at the Telegraph Taphouse in downtown Lethbridge. When Chelsea drew 2-2 against Tottenham on Monday afternoon, 132-year-old Leicester City clinched its first championship at the... Read More »

    4 hours ago
  • Showing their stuff

    Dale Woodard Lethbridge Herald After a weekend of showing off Lethbridge’s facilities, the Prairie Baseball Academy Spring Showcase Tournament wrapped up Sunday afternoon. And on a fittingly sunny afternoon that lent itself nicely to the inaugural tournament’s moniker, a pair of local teams squared off in the... Read More »

    20 hours ago

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By grinandbearit: Medicine Hat News Comment I always think it is a good idea to support the best opinions, reports and studies that the richest and most powerful in... Read More »

By Fescue: Medicine Hat News Comment Goodness, George McCrea! Whose opinion do you think the world should rather consider?... Read More »

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  • CRA tightening the tax gap

    Every dollar recovered is a win for honest taxpayers Canadians who are feeling the annual sting of tax season have a little something to cheer about this year. The feds are finally cracking down on tax dodgers who finagle their way out of “paying their fair share,” as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau puts it. The ... Read More »

    4 hours ago
  • Bangladesh is in trouble

    How’s this for a staunch defence of free speech in a secular state? Earlier this month, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina of Bangladesh denounced anyone who criticised religion or expressed their own lack of religious faith in striking terms: “I don’t consider such writings as freethinking but filthy words. Why would anyone write such words? It’s ... Read More »

    2 days ago
  • Drug companies must be held accountable

    The irony is obvious. Once Canadians are allowed to buy tested and controlled cannabis – maybe at their local pharmacy – they may find its benefits go beyond medicinal or recreation expectations. In today’s world, it may also be far cheaper to pick up some marijuana than to pay the exorbitant price some of the ... Read More »

    3 days ago

Letters to The Editor

  • Library visits forge lifetime father-son bond

    Imagine a little boy and his dad. At the age of eight the father decides it’s time the child had a library card of his own. He takes him down to the local library and introduces him to the librarian, who has the boy provide the necessary information and presents him with a library card. ... Read More »

    4 hours ago
  • Sales tax unfair to lower-, middle-income earners

    From time to time there is an article in The Herald reporting that part of the solution to Alberta’s economic woes is a provincial sales tax. Less often, there is reporting that a sales tax is regressive and least equitable to lower- and middle-income citizens. For example, a worker earning $20 an hour – $40,000 ... Read More »

    4 hours ago
  • Why no mention of the Queen’s birthday?

    Your Herald is usually interesting, until April 21. That day, our Queen celebrated her 90th birthday. There was no congratulations, no mention of a job well done. But certainly there was a photo of a three-times accused murderer, a despicable character. May justice be done. All I can say or hope for. Henrietta Nieboer Lethbridge... Read More »

    4 hours ago