September 21st, 2014

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Zombies of all ages march to City HallMelissa VilleneuveLethbridge Heraldmvilleneuve@lethbridgeherald.comIt was a beautiful day in the neighbourhood for a zombie takeover. The eighth annual Lethbridge Zombie Walk and Day of the Undead Festival kicked off at Galt Gardens Saturday, with zombies of all ages, backgrounds and

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Do you think the Lethbridge Hurricanes will be a more competitive hockey team this season?

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  • Inclusive garden takes root

    Space will be accessible to all Melissa Villeneuve Lethbridge Herald Lethbridge’s first Inclusive Community Garden, to be accessed and managed by community members, was built Saturday at Kinsmen Park. Members of the public and a variety of organizations were on hand to prepare the soil, construct planter... Read More »

    2 hours ago
  • Healing Sounds concert at library

    LETHBRIDGE HERALD A concert featuring the music of Mozart, Schubert and Mendelssohn will be staged Thursday at 7:30 p.m. in the theatre gallery of the Lethbridge Public Library downtown. Part of the Healing Sounds series, the concert will feature performances by Christine Bootland on cello, violinist Maria Geppert... Read More »

    2 hours ago
  • Doctor opens eyes with talk on vision problems

    Seniors get tips on prevention Tijana Martin Lethbridge Herald Sandy Gibson, one of the organizers for the Live Well Showcase, had her own eye scare a few years ago. Which is one of the reasons why she felt it was so important to bring in Dr. Geoff... Read More »

    2 hours ago

Local Sports

  • ASDC Southwest column by Travis Grindle: Trying to find a better way to try out

    Tryouts are the worst. The process and the fallout can rip a team apart. For the athlete, the practice is a stressful, nerve-wracking, dream crushing progression that offers the ultimate reward or the lowest of defeats.  It can crush a young athlete’s spirit or provide a bolt of... Read More »

    2 days ago
  • Copperheads season starting this weekend

    CoaldaleThe puck is ready to drop on the Coaldale Copperheads Heritage Junior B Hockey League season.The Copperheads ice their home-opener Saturday when they host the Strathmore Wheatland Kings at 8:30 p.m. at the Coaldale Sportsplex.Coaldale recently wrapped up its training camp last week with over 50 hopefuls looking for a roster spot and brought their ... Read More »

    3 days ago
  • High school football heats up under the lights

    Thank goodness summer weather has returned! If you’re a fan of enjoyable meteorological conditions and spirited high school sporting entertainment Friday evening appears to be right in the sweet spot. In all likelihood the LCI-Raymond high school series draws the largest average annual Alberta Schools Athletic Association gridiron... Read More »

    4 days ago

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By mememine69: Medicine Hat News Comment Protesting the Changing Climate; "The March of the Goose Stepping Greenzi's is banging their drums to change the evil ... Read More »

By triple b: Medicine Hat News Comment WOW What to say so much utter balderdash take a deep breath and wake up... Read More »

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  • Scotland stays; what happens now?

    A week ago, the Kurdistan Times warned that “the British are exercising the old colonialist tongue to control the minds and dampen the aspirations of Scottish people who want to vote Yes (to independence).” And lo! It came to pass just as the Kurdistan Times predicted. The silver-tongued colonialists lured the Scots into voting No, ... Read More »

    2 hours ago
  • Climate change needs action now

    canada and the world can no longer delay charting a new course Catherine Potvin LEAD AUTHOR ON BEHALF OF SUSTAINABLE CANADA DIALOGUES On Sunday, more than a thousand events are planned around the world to demand stronger action on climate change, echoing New York’s People Climate March. As Canadian researchers who study climate change and ... Read More »

    1 day ago
  • Feds to share surplus money?

    It is a time-honoured tradition in Canada. Ahead of an election, be it federal, provincial or municipal, those in power tend to have a habit of turning on the financial taps and spread some money around. The federal government may be in that position this fall, as a surplus will mean groups across the country ... Read More »

    1 day ago

Letters to The Editor

  • City needs to shut the door to cash stores

    It surprises me how our city is growing. But we all want better businesses and family restaurants that we can take our children to other than the same old place, but it seems to be more cash store places popping up all over town than anything else. A restaurant goes out of business and it’s ... Read More »

    2 hours ago
  • Pool fiasco shows poor planning

    I feel that I must write again about Henderson pool, now that we know it will be two years before it will be completed. I also feel that the city didn’t have all their ducks in a row before somebody was given the green light to knock down the only southside pool. It has been ... Read More »

    3 days ago
  • Democratic renewal for Alberta?

    Jim Prentice promised democratic renewal as part of his platform to be the new leader of the PC party. We got our first view of this renewal today (Monday) when our new unelected premier appointed unelected people to the cabinet and thereby to represent the interests of the people of Alberta. Seems like what he ... Read More »

    3 days ago