April 1st, 2015

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Dave Mabell LETHBRIDGE HERALD dmabell@lethbridgeherald.com Equipment and builders have arrived, and restoration work is about to begin at the Henderson outdoor pool. A summertime attraction for nearly five decades, the pool was closed several summers ago after city officials reported its plumbing and basin were collapsing. After a failed attempt

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  • Second thoughts?

    Dave Mabell LETHBRIDGE HERALD dmabell@lethbridgeherald.com One disapproving poll doesn’t guarantee political disaster for the province’s Conservatives. But Lethbridge political scientists say it could force Premier Jim Prentice to have second thoughts about calling a spring election. “We’ll see how the premier responds to his internal (party) polling,” says... Read More »

    12 hours ago
  • Creating global citizens

    Today’s students face an ever-changing world that requires them to gain global skills and cultural competencies. This is addressed by one of the outcomes in Inspiring Education, which is to create ethical citizens who demonstrate global and cultural understanding. Defining what it means to be a global... Read More »

    12 hours ago
  • Composition performed in England

    Jonathan Dean FOR THE HERALD Brian Black, associate professor of musicology at the University of Lethbridge, recently had the opportunity to hear the world premiere performance of his new string quartet. This took place at the prestigious Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music in London, England. The idea... Read More »

    12 hours ago

Local Sports

  • Wednesday’s High School Notebook column: This one’s for the girls

    By Dave Wells Time to wrap up the local high school basketball season. Hard for many to imagine perhaps, but less than four decades ago some of the top current girls basketball powers in our area didn’t even put teams on the court. The rise of female basketball in this... Read More »

    12 hours ago
  • A winning meeting

    Good Sport: By Dylan Purcell A lack of victories is a big reason the Lethbridge Hurricanes have found themselves in financial distress over the past six playoff-less seasons. The losses off the ice have been even more staggering, as the Canes have seen a million-dollar reserve and that amount again... Read More »

    1 day ago
  • Harper turns in big performance at Chinook Open

    Dale Woodard Lethbridge Herald sports@lethbridgeherald.com Darcie Harper had a hunch she was going to put in a good performance. As the 16-year-old figure skater hit the ice at the Chinook Open Saturday afternoon at the Civic Centre, that’s exactly what happened. “Yesterday I ended up first overall in my event,”... Read More »

    2 days ago

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By CaresAboutHealth: Medicine Hat News Comment The American Lung Association's advice applies to occasional burning of wood as well as regular burning. If you burn wo... Read More »

By petie150513: Medicine Hat News Comment Wow. Just when think the lowest common denominator can't get any lower: "I think we should blame this lady’s problem on ... Read More »

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  • Getting entangled in Middle East web?

    Canada’s military mission in the Middle East has been expanded and extended. Our fighter jets will soon be launching air strikes in Syria, as MPs voted 142-129 to ramp up efforts in the battle against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. Six CF-18 fighter jets, two surveillance aircraft and a refuelling aircraft comprised ... Read More »

    12 hours ago
  • Governing for the short term?

    Province needs stable revenue, not repeat of same old formula Bryson Brown, John Vokey and James Byrne UNIVERSITY OF LETHBRIDGE Premier Jim Prentice told Albertans to “look in the mirror” if they wanted to see who is responsible for Alberta’s sudden financial embarrassment. He himself is the leader of our perpetual party of government, with ... Read More »

    12 hours ago
  • Wildrose defectors’ gamble backfires

    Majority of floor crossers won’t be part of next election It was perhaps one of the biggest miscalculations in the history of modern Alberta politics. As a number of factors conspired to influence the Wildrose leader, Danielle Smith made a decision which rocked provincial politics to its very core. Smith, a staunch opponent of the ... Read More »

    2 days ago

Letters to The Editor

  • Disputing claims about wood smoke harm

    I cannot stand by and let environmentalists and wood smoke opponents continually distort facts. In reference to Ms. Baiton’s letter (March 7 Herald): Paragraph 1: What are the “100 toxic substances” produced by burning “so-called clean” wood? Paragraph 2: I am a heart patient with COPD and love the smell of firepits in the summer ... Read More »

    2 days ago
  • People need to lighten up

    Re: T-shirt controversy in the March 8 edition. A big thank-you to Alex Pavlenko (Letter to the Editor). I agree with your comments in regard to this T-shirt issue. I think we should blame this lady’s problem on “climate change,” like everything else. It has played games with many people’s minds, to the point where ... Read More »

    2 days ago
  • If the name ‘terrorist’ fits …

     Mr. Mitsui warns that the word “terrorist” is “poisonous,” “ubiquitous” and drives people to “irrational actions” (Lethbridge Herald, March 21 Letter to the Editor, “Be careful how you use the word ‘terrorist'”).He instructs that the word not be applied in certain realms especially politics because its repeated use “scares” people. By that logic, he probably ... Read More »

    2 days ago