July 22nd, 2014

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Nick KuhlLethbridge Heraldnkuhl@lethbridgeherald.comHenderson Arena, Spitz Stadium, the SLP Skatepark and Fort Whoop-Up could all have free public Wi-Fi by this fall.That’s if a $15,000 pilot project by the Lethbridge Community Network (LCN), to set up two internet hot spots, goes through. The organization would provide about

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Do you think the City of Lethbridge — which advocates for water conservation — does a good job of doing so itself?

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  • ‘Amazing Kids’ amazing summer camp

    Melissa Villeneuve FOR THE HERALD A passion for helping under-privileged children in the Westminster community is bringing over 120 volunteers together for the Amazing Kids Sports & Activities camp, some from faraway places. The third annual summer camp, which runs until Friday at Immanuel Christian Elementary School,... Read More »

    54 mins ago
  • Entrepreneurs and Innovators

    The recent exhibit “Entrepreneurs & Innovators” featured entrepreneurs capitalizing on available opportunities, and innovators solving particular problems of this area. In this fourth instalment we meet David Creighton and George Davies of Lethbridge Iron Works, and sawmill operators Edwin and Bert Johnson of Cowley, whose businesses grew from... Read More »

    54 mins ago
  • Circle Aug.21 on your calendar

    Melissa Villeneuve FOR THE HERALD Community pride is already abundant in our city, and that pride will grow if we win the bid to host the 2019 Canada Winter Games, supporters suggest. On Monday, representatives of the 2019 Canada Winter Games Bid Committee were on hand at the... Read More »

    54 mins ago

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  • Redemption is always one swing of the bat away

    Dylan Purcell LETHBRIDGE HERALD sports@lethbridgeherald.com Sam Noad had the kind of inning that would inspire a John Steinbeck novel and the Lethbridge Giants have a 2-0 record after Sunday’s action at the Junior Canadian Little League Baseball Championship at Spitz Stadium. The Giants beat Ontario’s Oakville Whitecaps 14-4 in six innings... Read More »

    19 hours ago
  • South title goes to Barracudas

    Dylan Purcell LETHBRIDGE HERALD sports@lethbridgeherald.com The Lethbridge Bert and Mac’s Barracudas won the Rocky Mountain Lacrosse League Junior B Tier 2 South title on Sunday at Labor Club Ice Centre. They beat the Red Deer Renegades 11-5 to do it, and will face the Fort Saskatchewan Rebels at home next weekend... Read More »

    19 hours ago
  • Play ball — Lethbridge to host Junior Little League Canadian Championship for fifth straight year

    Dale Woodard Lethbridge Herald sports@lethbridgeherald.com The field for the Junior Little League Canadian Championship has finally filled out. And as the Lethbridge Giants get set to host the event for the fifth straight year, so has the familiarity factor. “We’ve found out about some of the teams that are coming,”... Read More »

    4 days ago

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By cbr: Medicine Hat News Comment Get a life folks. We recently relocated from Lethbridge to Toronto for family reasons. In my opinion Alberta is living o... Read More »

By snoutspot4: Medicine Hat News Comment My sentiments exactly. The list of underfunded services in our province is "as long as my arm" as my mum would have said... Read More »

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  • Been there, done that with AHS

    That we might return to having an Alberta Health Services (AHS) “superboard” has been a big surprise. That this is considered necessary because of the size of the provincial budget gobbled up through AHS, even more so. Every government ministry has a budget and there is a directorate made up of a deputy minister, an ... Read More »

    54 mins ago
  • Flight 17: Who did it? What next?

    Evidence points to pro-Russian rebels “. . . and once the TAR (Target Acquisition Radar) has lock-on, this light will go green. Then just push this button here, and the rest’s automatic. Good luck! Oh, and make sure nobody’s standing behind the missile when you launch.” Maybe the crew who launched the missile that brought ... Read More »

    2 days ago
  • Police need support for trauma stress

    The recent suicide of a retired RCMP officer who had been one of the first responders to the gruesome beheading of a Greyhound bus passenger in Manitoba in 2008 has put a spotlight on the issue of post-traumatic stress disorder among police officers. The family of Ken Baker, a recently retired 51-year-old RCMP corporal, say ... Read More »

    3 days ago

Letters to The Editor

  • Guaranteed income idea has some merit

    Re: “$20,000 per person: Activists push for guaranteed minimum income for Canadians,” Benjamin Shingler, Canadian Press, June 30. (https://ca.news.yahoo.com/20-000-per-person-activists-push-guaranteed-minimum-173717556.html) A guaranteed income would give people funds for additional consumption without increasing the economy’s productive capacity which in the long run could be inflationary. It might also result in the divisive perception of two classes of ... Read More »

    54 mins ago
  • On this, sir, we disagree

    The July 13th. Herald edition, carried a letter with a lot of rancor, from a regular Herald scribe, who has seriously insulted a very astute professor and an acknowledged leader in public policy and indepth economic and political awareness. I am certain of the line up of offended readers, in the ready, to refute your ... Read More »

    54 mins ago
  • Changing licence plates a big waste of money

    The utter stupidity of the government spending $15 million to change licence plates that do not need changing goes to prove that Alison lives on! Alberta Health Services is in absolute chaos. The government does not want to pay our nurses or teachers adequately. And yet they are happy to waste $15 million because they ... Read More »

    2 days ago