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Marissa Black: Council candidate has eye on environment and social issues

By Tim Kalinowski on April 13, 2021.

Herald photo by Tim Kalinowski Local tax professional Marissa Black is running for election to city council this fall.


As a student of accounting and a working tax professional, Lethbridge city council candidate Marissa Black believes in taking a long view in order to position the city environmentally and socially to meet its current and future needs.
Black believes in the philosophy of return on investment both financially and in terms of social capital to create what is needed within the city today to pay off in the future.
With this in mind, Black proposes to run on a platform that puts conservation initiatives, investment in much-needed social supports and affordable housing, a green bin plan and youth entrepreneurship investment in the minds of voters.
On greening the city, Black, who also has a background in biology and agricultural research, says one specific initiative she would propose is the planting of non-monoculture grasses in city parks and other public green spaces.
“I know Lethbridge currently has a plan to reduce water consumption,” she explains. “One way I would like to propose we do that is by using non-monoculture lawns – specifically in our parks.”
Black says mixing clover and other native plants together to create non-monoculture lawns would decrease erosion, enhance bee populations and lead to greater water conservation.
“I think it is critical we begin starting to take care of our earth or it is not going to be around for future generations,” she states.
“I would love to be able to help leave this city better than I found it.”
On the city’s homeless situation and addiction issues, Black would be in favour in increasing the amount of municipal funds invested for supports in these areas.
“In the long run (that investment) is going to pay off even though we are using our tax dollars in order put on these social programs because we are going to help people get off of the streets,” she says, “and perhaps get into some jobs where they are supporting the local economy.”
Black says her idea for Lethbridge would be to build a compassionate city which meets the basic needs and enhances the quality of life for all its residents.
“I think trying to build a more compassionate environment for these people to access support and help is going to also help our businesses downtown- – because some people don’t feel like going downtown at this point in time.”
Black is also in favour of increasing municipal investments in affordable housing to help those struggling with financial need, including low income seniors.
“I would like to see more housing on a sliding scale based on income – where you are only paying what you can afford,” she says. “Because everybody deserves to have a place to go home at the end of the night.”
Black says it is also important to improve the city’s accessibility for seniors and other residents who struggle with mobility issues.
“I suffer from a few disabilities myself, and I do walk with a cane or mobility aid on some days,” she says.
“And one thing I think seniors can benefit from as well as people in my situation would be increased accessibility. I am not saying everywhere I go is inaccessible, but there are many places that require a couple of stairs up to get to where you need to go. There is not as much support for people that need ramps or elevators, things like that- – I would love to see more (local) initiatives for things like that.”
Black is dedicated to the idea of community building, and is hoping for broad support come election time.
“I think Lethbridge has a vibrant community of a lot of different races, genders, lifestyles, and I think together we can achieve really great things,” she says.
“So I would love to bring more people together, and have more community events.”

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