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Michael Petrakis: Council candidate says a vote for him is a vote for world peace

By Tim Kalinowski on September 28, 2021.

Herald photo by Tim Kalinowski - Michael Petrakis is hoping local voters are willing to take a chance to help create world peace by voting him on to city council next month.


City council candidate Michael Petrakis says a vote for him is a vote for world peace.
“I consider myself, for all intents and purposes, a world peace architect, and my main strategy is reverse engineering,” Petrakis states. “So we start with the end goal first, and we work our way back.
“(World peace) can be achieved from a single local community, and it is rooted in divine revelation,” he adds. “In other words, my campaign is not just political, it’s not just about economics, it’s not just about environmentalism, it is about God and spirituality; that which is sacred for all of us. And the epitome of irrefutable logic.”
Petrakis explains this point further.
“My intention is to ask the community maybe just one question,” he says. “The one question is: are you open to the possibility that I have discovered a scientifically irrefutable formula for world peace? And if you were open to the possibility, would you like to see the community come together to ensure that academically scaled peer-review process transpires so as to illuminate what is being shared is true?
“What that would look like would be a peer-review summit where we invite all those who (are) considered to be the most intelligent people in Lethbridge to share their thoughts about what is being shared: the (Michael Petrakis) world peace formula.
“What I propose is the formula for world peace is actually the single greatest agreement which the greatest number of people would obviously say ‘Yes’ to.”
Petrakis says if elected he would hope to be appointed as a “Peace Councillor” by his fellow city council representatives to work full time on the process of facilitating weekly and monthly world peace summits, and would help form a new world peace subcommittee of city council. He would do this work for free and donate his salary to the cost of running the world peace summit. He would also hope local taxpayers would be agreeable to allowing council to allocate one dollar each annually to fund this important work.
Petrakis was asked why he felt city council would be the proper forum for carrying out his work on world peace?
“I have a motto, and the motto is: Love leverages everything,” he says after some thought. “And God equals Love. In my life, preparing to share my life’s work one feels more ready at some times than others. And municipal elections seem to be converging at my readiness, and I thought this would be a perfect platform to present something I know the whole community would find extremely valuable, and would upgrade our democratic process.”
Petrakis says he would push for the creation of a blockchain voting system so citizens can vote directly on the overarching issues, concerns and problems facing the community after having open dialogues on these subjects at the world peace subcommittee to create the broadest possible agreement.
Petrakis also believes by engaging in these dialogues and creating that broadest possible agreement would go a long way to addressing Lethbridge’s ongoing social issues.
“The divine solutions are like master keys; whereas the lower quality keys only open one door,” Petrakis explains. “The master key opens many doors; so I propose because one of the major root causes of all conflict is that there is a breakdown of communication … If we can learn to be an example of what compassionate and non-violent communication looks like I believe we will realize that our universal commonalities are so much more valuable and influential than the most divisive, controversial issues.”
Petrakis hopes Lethbridge residents are ready to take a chance and believe in world peace by voting for him.
“I feel like my whole life has been preparing me for this moment: to run for candidate for Lethbridge city council. I feel I have a lot to offer, and I feel like I have so much to learn. And I actually feel like this is my destiny to run for city council. I feel I can have the greatest influence on a community level because as vast as my visions are for world peace, I believe a single community is capable of immeasurable good. It is my greatest aspiration to serve my community to the best of my capacity, and to learn from my community; so I just wanted to have this opportunity to run.”

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Stay in School and don’t do drugs kids ….

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Love Peace and Flowers! Let’s all get high and pretend everything is rosy and cool! WOW DUDE!
The Middle East is getting ready to explode, literally so where have you been? I would suggest you get your head out of the clouds of cannabis smoke and come back to the real world, back to reality.