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Sheldon Joseph Day Chief: Former Blood Tribe councillor running for city mayor

By Tim Kalinowski on May 1, 2021.

Former Blood Tribe councillor Sheldon Day Chief is the latest candidate to declare his intention to run for mayor in this fall's municipal election. Herald photo by Al Beeber


Former Blood Tribe councillor and Ninastako Cultural Centre cultural instructor Sheldon Joseph Day Chief became the latest candidate to declare his intention to run for mayor in this fall’s municipal election.
Day Chief has maintained a residence in Lethbridge for the past 30 years, and has family ties which go back to the early foundation of the city. Day Chief discloses that his great grandmother was married to Nicholas Sheran, who is often recognized as the founder of the early community when it was still known as Coal Banks.
Day Chief says despite this family history his eyes are firmly fixed on the problems of the present. He feels current city council members have aggravated those problems.
“We need a leader who is out there,” he says, “and is going to step up and be a part of the community. Not sit in an office and do nothing at all; especially with our current elected council. Some of them are part of a community organization or movement called ‘Connecting Our Community,’ but they are nowhere in sight. They are not involved in creating solutions. They are not listening to the people. They are not concerned about the safety of people in the city. Creating this separatism attitude, being MIA, and sticking their heads in the sand is creating nothing but uncertainty for everybody in the city of Lethbridge.”
Day Chief says as mayor he hopes to bring people together to solve problems rather than just fight about them.
“I guess I could say the citizens of Lethbridge will truly have to listen to the candidates who are going to be running for office,” Day Chief states. “We need people who are speaking the same language to do this. If we are voting individuals that have created a separatism within council as it is right now– then it will never work.”
“Crime rates are rising and homlessness is rising,” he adds. “The opioid epidemic, and now crystal meth and new drugs coming out, it is only going to get worse if the City’s leadership do not start working together.”
Day Chief was asked how as mayor he would create such unity when there are clear divisions in the city over issues like homelessness, the drug crisis, taxation and municipal spending priorities.
“If they feel it is not their problem and their issue, it’s a very sadly mistaken point of view,” he says referring to homelessness specifically as an example. “It’s everybody’s problem, and the City of Lethbridge has a responsibility to every citizen within the City of Lethbridge. That is what being a municipal government is all about. The other thing is when we are talking about taxpayers’ dollars and stuff like that– this is the financial planning that needs to go into place here. Better financial planning in order to come up with solutions. All citizens of Lethbridge need to come together and come to have their voices heard so practical solutions come forth. We cannot stay divided. This division has only created and escalated this issue of homelessness and crime. That is all it has ever done.”
Day Chief says it is time for the city to come together as a unified, multicultural people.
“It is not just First Nations people that are stuck in a drug epidemic, or the homeless epidemic, it is from all races,” he says. “If people can open their eyes, and go visit the homeless shelters they will see there are various cultures that are stuck in this syndrome. When people target one group all it does is it escalates racism, and we as a city, which has been formally dubbed ‘the most racist city’ in Canada, we need to come together and approach this situation and nip the racism and deal with it.”

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Citi Zen

What is your education? Do you have a post secondary degree? Have you managed a business?
Have you any experience with municipal issues or managed a budget?
Will your personal agendas favor indigenous issues?
Lethbridge has had enough of mayors and councillors who are less than capable of doing a good job for the taxpayer.
And no, I am not racist, I just call it as I see it.

Last edited 3 years ago by Citi Zen

thus far, mr day chief hits the issues best of those who have shared their candidacy and their intentions. one caution might be to not go in too polarised and divisive – despite being pretty much spot on in identifying numerous of the issues that have increasingly plagued lethbridge – as then it is difficult to create an essential working relationship. keep in mind the mayor is not king, but just one of the equal votes required to bring about change.
as for the entry by citi: you note you are racist; however, your utterances and inferences will in sum represent your intent. the questions you ask, i have not seen presented to any of the others that have declared they are running for mayor, or council. moreover, here is one that surely stands out, and not in a decent light, either: “Will your personal agendas favor indigenous issues?”
as for your other q’s, we have had a lot of mayors that can tick each with a yes…and look what we have got, and where we are.

Citi Zen

To reiterate, and in defense of your comment, I am not racist. I would ask the same questions of any candidate. Just had enough of the self-serving, incompetent bozos we always elect. They all have hidden agendas.


in my reply i meant to echo your saying you are not a racist, but i did not include not. sorry. i do not always do a thorough job editing before i post. (and, it is annoying this site does not allow editing)
the question i focused on looks poor: if asked of a non-native, and asked of a native. is there something not right about favouring indigenous issues?
we agree wholly on the matter of self serving, incompetent bozos being elected. to me, we have that at all levels of govt. clearly, there is something very wrong with the process that brings about those that are supposed to serve.

Seth Anthony


The site allows you to edit your posts. Move your pointer near the bottom right of your post and a gear icon will appear which will allow editing. Editing is allowed up to a certain time limit, or it’s based on how many times you can edit a post.

If you don’t see that gear icon, then something is wonky with your internet browser. It could be a popup blocker, or the browser itself. You can try disabling the popup blocker for this site, or try logging in with a different browser. In my case, Firefox stopped showing the gear icon, but it always appears when I use Google Chrome or the Opera browser.


thank you…i still get the gear, but even though the edit shows, nothing happens anymore when i click it. has been many months that i cannot edit – i thought it was system wide, but maybe just me. might try disabling the blocker….

Seth Anthony

I remembered incorrectly. Since you mentioned it, I now remember that the gear icon did indeed appear, but nothing happened when I clicked on “Edit”. I can’t recall if that problem was occurring in Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox, but regardless, I now log in with either Google Chrome or Opera browser, and the edit function works fine in both those browsers.

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