May 17th, 2024

Roisin Gibb: Holy Spirit trustee candidate looking to represent parents

By Alejandra Pulido-Guzman For the Lethbridge Herald on June 17, 2021.

Roisin Gibb is running for school board trustee within the Holy Spirit Catholic School Division in this fall's election. Photo by Alejandra Pulido-Guzman

With the current term for school board trustees about to end this fall, Roisin Gibb has thrown her hat into the ring for Ward 2 trustee for the Holy Spirit Catholic School Division.
Gibb said that as a parent of two children currently enrolled in the Holy Spirit Catholic School Division, she believes that parents need to be represented within the board of trustees, which is why she is running.
Gibb was born and raised in Lethbridge. She went through the Holy Spirit Catholic School Division herself, attending Ecole Saint Mary School, St. Francis Junior High School and then graduated from Catholic Central High School in 1999.
“Now as a parent within the school district, I serve on school council for both schools that my kids go to, and so I see that end of things from a parent perspective and I really think we just need that representative and that seat at the table,” said Gibb.
Gibb added that she believes the more parents that can have with a seat at the table, the better, because parents are truly invested in the current situation and the outcomes that are happening every day with their kids’ lives.
“I personally feel like education is very important and I want to see our kids flourish and thrive. I think it’s important to be investing in our kids and in their futures by helping them to be the best version of themselves,” added Gibb.
Gibb said that if elected, once she has a good idea of what being on the board of trustees is all about and depending on what she learns in the next four years, she will be willing to take part in the board on an on-going basis.
“I think I would probably try to pursue being a trustee and representative as long as I continued to get re-elected. If possible, until both my children had gone through the school system. Which at this point with my youngest being in Grade 3, it could be for a while,” said Gibb.
Gibb mentioned that even though there are five board of trustee positions available, she believes she was first one to sign up for it from either school division so far.
She mentioned that if more than five decide to run, she will have to begin campaigning soon.
If she was to campaign, Gibb said that she would focus on being the parents’ voice within the district. She wants people to know that she wants the best for all children within the Holy Spirit schools, so that they will grow, thrive and flourish.

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