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Allison Purcell: Public school trustee candidate says everyone has a stake in education

By Al Beeber on June 30, 2021.

Herald photo by Al Beeber - Allison Purcell believes everybody should have a say in Alberta's education system.


Allison Purcell believes everybody should have a say in Alberta’s education system whether they have children in a school system or not.
The mother of three has launched her campaign for election to the board of trustees of the Lethbridge School Division this fall. She is the first to publicly announce her candidacy.
A resident of Lethbridge for the last 15 years where she also attended university, Purcell believes in transparency, accountability and inclusion. She is running with a promise to make sure she listens to the voices of all who have a stake in public school education including parents, staff and the community.
“Everybody should have a say because education impacts us all in some way,” Purcell told The Herald.
“Education is something we all should be looking at,” Purcell said.
“A lot of things are happening in education and it’s important to have transparency. Teachers and parents need a voice.”
Purcell has long had an interest in being a trustee but in 2009 a daughter was due in September and the election was in October.
“I put off at that point doing it and then I went on and was the president of Alberta School Council Association which represents the parent voice on school councils across the province, meeting with the minister of education and things like that,” she said.
“So I was able to use my voice in other ways. I’ve always had a keen interest in education and looking at how we can advocate and ensure that every student matters in the schools.”
She said with the new proposed school curriculum “there’s definitely lots of concern, I’m hearing from parents from across the division. I’m hearing from teachers in the division as well; they have a lot of concerns with the draft the way it is.
“The division is not going to be piloting it but there are opportunities that parents and community can still provide input which is great. But there’s definitely lots of concerns they are going forward with the pilot the way it is.”
With children in school, Purcell is well aware of the challenges in education.
“I have three kids in three different schools in the division and I’m quite engaged in education both here locally and provincially.”
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