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Bryan Kranzler: Holy Spirit school trustee looking to serve another term on board

By Al Beeber on July 7, 2021.

Herald photo by Al Beeber - Bryan Kranzler is launching his campaign for a fourth term as a member of the Holy Spirit School Division board of trustees.


He’s served three terms on the Holy Spirit School Division board and Bryan Kranzler is hoping he’ll be a member for a fourth.
Kranzler has just launched his candidacy for the board in this fall’s upcoming election.
Kranzler believes a new elementary school is desperately needed for the westside due to high capacity in the three existing schools on that part of the city.
A retiree, Kranzler spent 25 years as a maintenance supervisor for Palliser Regionals Schools – the old Catholic school division in Lethbridge.
Kranzler said he doesn’t really have a formal platform.
“It’s all about the kids and the students, you know. Our present board, we’ve always been since I’ve been there, it’s been ‘spend today’s dollars on today’s students.’ To get the proper education for our kids so they can start to survive after they’ve gotten out of school and gone into university, you need the proper funding.
“And funding has been lacking for years. Every couple of years, they change the formula,” he said.
“And to me it really isn’t there; it isn’t for the benefit of the kids. School divisions right across the province are lacking the proper funding to get to be able to support the students and give them the best that we can, especially students that are you could say are at high risk or have development problems – the funding isn’t there to get the proper speech therapist and the other therapists to help these kids.
“We’ve always said no child will be left behind but that’s really hard in this day and age because there are some students who do get left behind. And it’s not on purpose. It’s like slipping through the cracks.
“Also in the Catholic system, we are in dire need of a new school on the westside. We have Father Leonard Van Tighem – it’s elementary to grade 9 and it’s running at 119 per cent capacity. And we’ve added portables and portables.
“‘We’ve had it on our No. 1 priority for three years. It would sure alleviate the pressure on that school.
“It’s the same as school District 51 – they’re exploding because the westside is growing so fast.”
Kranzler is in his 11th year with the board, his first term being three years before the government changed terms to four years.

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