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Christine Light: Lethbridge school division board chair looking for re-election

By Dale Woodard on September 15, 2021.

After four years as board chair for the Lethbridge School Division, Christine Light is seeking re-election.
Thanks to that first term, the mother of two children in the public school system brings ample experience to the position, an experience she would love to continue.
“Running in my first election trusteeship really came from my desire to grow in my understanding of how schools work and how the education system works,” said Light. “It’s such a big machine. So I wanted to grow in my understanding of that. I also wanted to use my voice and participate and help shape what it is. It’s been a huge learning curve over the past four years. So I’m really excited to continue my journey as trustee and really dive deeper into the different ways we can make our division stronger and help support students, parents and staff.”
In her first term, Light said she learned how incredible the division is.
“Students, staff and families have shown such amazing resiliency in a challenging season,” she said. “Students have stepped up and not given up, teachers have continued to engage and inspire and parents have unwaveringly supported their children and staff. Our community has, in many ways, become stronger through adversity and I am excited to see the ways we will continue to grow and flourish.”
However, it’s been difficult past year, said Light.
“I think we have a divided community and some issues that are dividing, whether it be COVID and ideologies surrounding that or whether it be race or gender, we have significant issues. So I think to create safe spaces to have those conversations and create a truly inclusive culture where people can come and express concerns, express perspectives, be heard and then have that conversation on how we move forward together and how we make this a better community for our students to thrive in and for our staff to serve in.”
The curriculum is often in the conversation as well, said Light.
“We met with the minister a couple of weeks ago and continued our advocacy in saying this is not the best curriculum for kids. It doesn’t put kids first. So we need to continue to hold the province to account on that.”
Light now seeks to continue her involvement.
“I love my job,” she said. “It truly is a privilege and a responsibility that I respect and I’m thankful for. I’m thankful for the space it has given me to have a voice and place to hear the voices of others. It would truly be an honour to be trusted again with this role if people choose to re-elect me.”

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We are very excited that our school board is looking for reelection. There are many best essays available on how schools work and how the training framework functions are all around. So we as a whole are trusting that the individual who will board the seat ought to be one who will help in the development of the school.