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Dave Low: School board candidate values all perspectives

By Al Beeber on September 23, 2021.

Herald photo by Al Beeber Dave Low is making his third run for a seat on the board of the trustees of the Lethbridge School Division.


Dave Low came close in his first two campaigns to win election as a trustee of the Lethbridge School Division and is hoping in October voters will give him a chance to represent them.

Low, a 41-year-old painting company owner with two teenaged daughters in the public school system, feels voters need to elect candidates like a sports team general manager would assemble a team – picking members with different skill sets to create a winning team.

A long-time athlete, Low believes he got his sense of team spirit from growing up in a family of seven children which included six sons.

“Growing up with so many brothers taught me to be a team player,” said Low in a recent interview.

With a brother and father both being lawyers, Low also feels the art of debate may be in his genes.

Low considers himself to be a person who is willing to listen to all sides and engage people who disagree with him.

He understands people are going to have different perspectives on issues and it’s important to listen to different sides and learn from them.

Among the challenges facing the public school system is the province’s proposed new K-6 curriculum.

Initially, Low said he supported it and after posting his views on Facebook where he was roundly lambasted, he researched further and realized he was wrong.

In 2013, with no experience in politics, Low missed out on a seat by 179 votes and in 2017 by 228 but he gained 1,000 votes in that campaign.

“My slogan is Think High, Vote Low. When I ask the voters to think high, I want them to refer to four specific attributes that we are striving and teachers hope that they can instill in children.”

He has four pillars for his platform which he wants voters to consider.

“The first one is attitude of gratitude. Ultimately as a teacher, you want these kids to have attributes that is going to help them with success.

“My second one is a longing for learning. When they move on in life, I think it goes better when people are wanting and seeking to learn. There’s so much knowledge out there.

He also believes children need to be taught a willingness to work.

“I feel really making sure that kids are taught the importance of work, the number one place for that to happen is within the home and the power of family is very powerful, but supported by a school division that also teaches hard work and gives opportunities to children to develop that.

“The final one is devotion to discipline. It’s an attribute that is needed for anybody to have success. You have to be disciplined.

“What am I going to change if I’m on the board? I think voters in Lethbridge in the past have thought because someone has been part of the education system that they are a good fit for the school board because it’s a natural transition. Thats why you see all these former administrators and teachers with their names out there,” said Low.

“I think there is a definite need for more parental representation on the board. I’m not an expert in education and that’s what makes me a good fit for a public servant because I have very good communication skills, I’m not afraid of going out and talking to people with different perspectives and actually listening to them. I feel if there are too many experts on the board, they aren’t likely to do that,” said Low, adding parents need to feel they’re being heard from all across the political spectrum.

“I’m someone who loves and values all perspectives because if it weren’t for that wide array of perspectives, there would be no perspective.

“Someone who really listens is someone who is willing to put themselves in situations that might be uncomfortable for them.”

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