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Tyler Demers: School board candidate says he wants to see students grow and succeed

By Lethbridge Herald on September 28, 2021.

Tyler Demers

With two terms already under his belt, Tyler Demers will let his name stand for nomination for public school trustee in the next civic election.
He does so with the goal to foster a community perspective with the board and build a school division that reflects local priorities, values and expectations.
“I want to ensure our kids have every opportunity to grow and succeed, whether that be by way of academics, sports, music, art, trades or just the friendships they cultivate from their days in our school division.”
Demers grew up in Lethbridge and was educated in the Lethbridge School Division at Lakeview, Gilbert Paterson and LCI.
After high school, he attended the University of Calgary, graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce degree.
For the past 25 years he has worked in the insurance and financial services industry in Lethbridge, earning an additional four industry designations.
With two sons who have graduated high school, Demers said he understands both the joys and struggles of raising and educating children in the current climate, is a proponent of parental participation in schools and the education system as a whole and encourages both parents and school staff to voice their opinions about the school system.
“This is how positive changes are made and many great ideas for our division have come from the willingness of staff and parents to be involved and share their thoughts,” he said.
Demers touts quality education as a tremendous gift to give to all children in Lethbridge.
“I have concerns over the current curriculum proposed by Alberta Education,” he said. “A high-caliber education is the one offering that helps to level the playing field of societal inequities and differences. True education enhances pride and builds confidence in addition to knowledge, while enriching dignity and self-respect.”
Demers hopes to welcome new members to the Board of Trustees and looks forward to the fresh perspectives they bring.
However, he said the new board will likely face some tough financial decisions in the coming years given recent deficit government spending.
“The difficult decisions will require a solid understanding of the education system and the constraints it operates under,” said Demers. “I am able to combine that understanding with an extensive financial background, the knowledge and skills to comprehend these difficult decisions and make choices that are in the best interests of kids.”

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