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Genny Steed: School board candidate sees children as number one priority

By Dale Woodard on October 13, 2021.

Genny Steed

Making children the top priority and increasing the levels of communications are key on a school board for Genny Steed.
As the mother of six runs for public school trustee, Steed plans to bring these issues to the forefront.
“I hope that anyone nominated onto the board sees the kids as the number one priority,” said Steed. “Of course, that is my number one priority and I think there are a few factors that are pressing issues, mainly the draft curriculum. I think that’s a priority concern for parents as well as most of the staff at the school and at the division level. I know they have rejected it here as well, so I think that’s definitely a priority.”
With five children in the school division, Steed said she’s also hearing of a disconnection in communication between the teachers, parents and students and the board.
“All three levels of communication, I would like to see what plans are in the works and how we can improve on those to facilitate a system where information is easily accessed and feedback is able to be gathered in a manner which is efficient and effective,” she said.
Steed studied education at the University of Lethbridge with a combined degree in English and education.Â
“My husband was accepted into medical school in Saskatoon, so we moved out there. As we started our young family I did a little bit of further education, some extra classes while I was at the University of Saskatchewan.”
When she had their first daughter, Steed chose to be at home with her children.
“So my role shifted a little bit for quite a few years,” she said. “I have six kids, so I spent a long time being home, just involved in the community through more volunteering at school and things like that.”
Steed now works as a part-time manager at the family medical clinic.
“I think between the two experiences I’ve had opportunities to be in the academic setting and love that and also to understand some of the business side,” she said. “But in both settings, I’ve really enjoyed the people and that communication development has been very rewarding for me.
“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working in team settings and communicating collaboratively and any time I’ve had the opportunity to work toward problem solving and using creativity, I have found those experiences to be rewarding in my life.”
Her schooling at the U of L as well as in Saskatoon has given Steed a love for academia.
“I really loved being in the classroom setting,” she said. “Since then, I’ve always fostered my passion for the school setting and the environment of learning, growth and communication. I think it’s a very fulfilling setting and rewarding to see, especially children learn, grow and develop.”
Steed noted adding a parent’s perspective to the board will be vital.
“I think it’s been a long time since our board has had a lot of parents in there and there’s just a little bit of a perspective that comes with people who are currently and actively raising kids and in our schools,” she said. “There was a lot of value in our previous board. A lot of those people served for a long time and I appreciate the things they accomplished. But I’m looking forward to seeing how our new board will develop and hopefully how we’ll see some growing perspectives.”

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