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Andrea Andreachuk: Former elementary teacher seeks to serve on public school board

By Dale Woodard on October 15, 2021.

Andrea Andreachuk

After teaching as an elementary school teacher for the Lethbridge School Division for the past 37 years, Andrea Andreachuk said it would be a privilege to serve as public school trustee.
The former teacher at General Stewart School said safety for students and aiding the Truth and Reconciliation are key issues for the former teacher.
“I enjoyed being a learning support teacher and loved supporting children with diverse needs and seeing students new to Canada learn to read,” said Andreachuk whose three children have all received their education through the Lethbridge Public School Division and have all gone on to be teachers. “I taught Grade 3 my first year of teaching and then went onto teach Grade 1 for nine years. I finished my career with 27 years in kindergarten at General Stewart School with all the fun learning and excitement little children bring to your life.”
Now, Andreachuk runs for school trustee wanting to support the schools, the dedicated staff, students and parents.
“I believe that children learn best when they feel cared for and safe,” said Andreachuk. “I would put the needs of children first in every educational decision I make. I would make decisions that acknowledge and respect the diversity of the students in our school division.”
Andreachuk stressed supporting the process of Truth and Reconciliation.
“I want Indigenous students and their families to feel honoured and valued in our schools. I’m so happy to hear of the wonderful PD happening in the Lethbridge School Division that helps students and staff learn about the rich history and culture of the Blackfoot, Metis and Inuit people.”
Andreachuk also stressed adequate funding in public education, ensuring all children in Alberta are afforded the education they deserve.
“Funding in recent years has not kept up with the growing enrolments in our schools,” she said. “This negatively impacts class size, programs offered, resources and supports. Early education funding has certainly been impacted. Early intervention is so important in having our youngest learners become the learners they were meant to be. When support for this is lost, we see even greater needs down the road.”
Citing curricular errors at all levels involving concepts and facts, Andreachuk said the draft curriculum needs to be rewritten.
“The draft curriculum is a step backwards in education. Children do not need to be filled full of facts before they can begin to learn about things that are meaningful to them. Children do well with an inquiry approach where they answer important questions about a subject or concept in a meaningful way.
“Respectful, age-appropriate curriculum that supports Truth and Reconciliation must be built to support the diverse needs of all Alberta children. It is really important for parents and community members to let their MLA know how they feel about the draft curriculum.”
If elected as trustee, Andreachuk said she would listen to educational stakeholders in informing her decisions.
“I believe in working collaboratively and I would work with other trustees to make educational decisions. My vision would be to have all the students in our division, regardless of their diverse backgrounds and abilities, become the lifelong learners, creative thinkers and contributing members of society they are destined to be.”

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