May 25th, 2024

St. Paul school gets gift of 1,530 books

By LETHBRIDGE HERALD on November 18, 2020.

Annually, St. Paul School in Lethbridge applies for a grant with the Indigo Love of Reading Foundation, whose mandate is to put books in the hands of high-needs children.
While the school was not selected for a Literacy Grant this year, as a runnerup with a clear commitment to literacy, St. Paul was selected to receive books from First Book Canada, a nonprofit organization that seeks to provide Canadian children from high-needs communities with equal access to quality education. The school was the recipient of 1,530 books from First Book Canada.
Tessa Eisenberg, National Engagement Manager of First Book Canada, explained: “We work with the major players in the Canadian book publishing industry to distribute brand new books and educational resources to Canadian children from across the country and this year marks the eighth year of our partnership with the Indigo Love of Reading Foundation.”
About four or five books will be given to each of the students in the school and the remainder will be used to update the school’s library.
Principal Gerry Muldoon said many individuals had a hand in bringing this gift to the school, but noted it was the dedication of librarian Kim Godwin, who spearheaded a stellar application in the first place, which made it all a reality.
“This is classic, Kim,” said Muldoon. “She always has the kids and literacy at the front of her mind.”

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