January 16th, 2021

Council to consider project cuts

By Kalinowski, Tim on February 24, 2020.

Lethbridge Herald

Lethbridge city council will be considering revisions to its Capital Improvement Program which will take four community projects off the list to be considered for funding.

Citing its recent operational review priorities and lack of interest from the province in supporting these projects with grants, city council will be voting on whether or not to continue supporting construction for the Pathway System Connections and Extension project, the expanded Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden Programming and Community Facility, a downtown Performing Arts Centre and the Southern Alberta Art Gallery Facility enhancements.

City council meetings are open to the public and today’s meeting will commence at 1:30 p.m. For those interested in attending, today’s agenda can be found online at http://www.lethbridge.ca .

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Interesting that the current government of Alberta doesn’t consider connected pathway systems, expanded programming at Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden or the arts as beneficial to the well-being of City residents but is of the mind that a church in Canmore is deserving of receiving an $80,000.00 provincial grant to fix its roof and floor because the congregation offers a weekly free dinner for the community at their church.

Perhaps the City might consider registering as a charitable organization with the CRA vis a vis eligibility to receive provincial funding for the City’s Capital Improvement Program, because it can be demonstrated to be of benefit to all members of this community.




well put, imo
perhaps the city may wish to reconfigure the white elephant that is casa into the performing arts center that it should have been, rather than the costly center of chambers that it is. they could tweak the model of med hat’s esplanade, using that as a basis rather than hiring a consulting firm. of course, we can expect the usual suspects will be involved in the pocket lining process.
meanwhile let us not look to edmonton for handouts – all available money already spoken for by big corp. thanks jason, for using the public purse to enhance the already enhanced lives of a few others, and for investing our wealth in your personal future.


Sorry but the poor leadership of this city in the past 5 years says it all! Millions have been burned up because we opened the SCS and people still die or are slowly killing themselves, while young addicts with Aids/Hepititis and other serious STD’s, sell their bodies on the streets and leave their needles scattered, in public washrooms, even on buses.

Next election will decide who is allowed to lead! Business owners faced criticism, as their business eroded, by the Mayor and his sheep on Council, stating Lethbridge was a healthy and vibrant city . . . it is healthy and vibrant for the gangs, organized crime, prostitution, stolen goods/vehicle brokering, while killing off the addicts slowly . . . absolutely!

We will take back our city, our streets, parks and neighbourhoods and police/fire/EMS will once again enjoy coming to work, serving us with pride . . . we will shutdown the SCS and treat the addicts instead or slowly killing them, and by doing that will cut crime and the high costs associated.

I would guess that our police, fire and EMS vehicles alone are used 25 – 30 more times responding to crimes, overdoses/medical related issues and disturbances that in my mind, without doubt, were created by opening this site . . . calculate the maintenance costs, replacement costs from all the wear and tear on the vehicles, keeping them stocked with supplies as well . . . they are costs that have rippled from this site to the Lethbridge taxpayer that are not seen and all the costs are in the millions!

The feds and the province are all cutting back . . . that means the funding from them will see cuts . . . money is not grown on trees, Alberta is under attack by greedy US billionaires that want to dominate the green energy market, earning even more money by making us use rail to transport our petroleum products, making sure they can buy our crude at firesale prices by restricting our access to tidewater, while paying FN prostesters since 2008 to kill the oilsands and pipelines. Canada only emits 1.6% or the world GHG’s, China (whom BC is a major supplier of coal), the US and the EU emit almost 60% of the world GHG’s.

Do you see major attacks on BC coal . . . do you see major attacks on US tankers off the coast of BC . . . do you see major attacks on the US aggressive drilling/fracking programs of 10 years that have made them a major supplier in the world with new LNG coastal shiipping facitilies even in Washington state . . . . NO NO NO !!! Wake people . . . it is bad enough the FN are once again being USED, but we have lost hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue because of GREED!!!

Of course there are cutbacks and there will be more . . . I have been saying this, ranting this . . how deep are your pockets!

We have a choice, but no one has stood up and told our Council they have had enough and they don’t want all their tax dollars going into a perpetual money pit like the SCS and the millions in rippling costs it creates!

Shut down the SCS and treat these people . . . effective treatment will be a fraction of the costs and the few that remain will be manageable by police/fire/EMS and the courts and penal system!
It is not too late to take back our city and put funds where they should be going . . . expect more cuts!
But more importantly, tell your MP, your MLA’s (especially Shannon Phillips), your Council members how angry you are, because right now, very few people are letting them know!!!

So if you don’t let them know . . . when you keep on seeing your bank account go down at tax time, take a long look in the mirror!!!! Your voice counts!!!


Now that is a breath of fresh air. Well stated.