January 18th, 2021

SACPA to discuss effect of drug crisis on downtown businesses

By Kuhl, Nick on March 12, 2020.

Lethbridge Herald

Some business owners in Lethbridge’s downtown and surrounding area have been vocal about pervasive negative perceptions.

Today, at the regular SACPA meeting, set for noon at the Royal Canadian Legion, speaker Erica Pyska will present: “What is it like owning a business in downtown Lethbridge during the drug crisis?”

Pyska, who recently sold Plum restaurant, will share some of her experiences and thoughts on the ever-changing dynamic of downtown Lethbridge. She has insight on growing a business through economic and political shifts, ecological responsibility and hardships, and supporting people from all walks of life in the downtown core.

Some business owners and employees are feeling the pressure, but today’s speaker will explain how she, along with other business owners, are fighting back and meeting with City officials to address downtown issues and perceptions.

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I wish you great success . . . but I am not optimistic. the Mayor and his sheep, even the Chanber of Commerce ignored pleas by downtown businesses while they watched their revenues crushed from the impacts of the addicts/SCS. They just didn’t care and appeared to be focused on how great the SCS was for Lethbridge. When people came forward with evidence, it was made up or faked and not true because the ‘professionals’ advising them knew better!
We were basically told we didn’t know what we were talking about!
I wish you success, but we had to push for outside governments to come in and clean up the mess the SCS and addicts have made!