January 23rd, 2021

Man charged in syringe assault still resolving other charges

By Nick Kuhl on March 14, 2020.

Delon Shurtz

Lethbridge Herald

A 29-year-old man accused of spraying a security guard in the face 
with a loaded syringe continues to resolve unrelated offences while he 
waits to deal with charges stemming from the assault on the guard.
On Wednesday in Lethbridge provincial court Cross Child pleaded guilty 
to a charge of breaching release conditions and shoplifting, for which 
he received a short jail sentence. Then on Friday he was sentenced to 
another three days in jail after he pleaded guilty to one count each 
of drug possession and mischief.
Last year Lethbridge police responded to a drug complaint and found 
Cross Child in possession of a small amount of methamphetamine. On 
another occasion he tried to enter the front door of the homeless 
shelter and was told to use the back door. When he arrived at the back 
door, the agitated man kicked in a window.
Cross Child was fined $450, but chose to serve the default time of 
three days in jail, which will run concurrently with a 30-day sentence 
he is already serving.
The accused is scheduled to return to court April 2 on charges of 
aggravated assault, assault causing bodily harm and assault with a 
weapon, stemming from the incident at the consumption site.
Just after 6 a.m. March 3 police responded to a report that a security 
guard working at the SCS in the 1000 block of 1 Avenue South had been 
assaulted by a client.
Security approached a man in the waiting area after he began to inject 
himself, and since drug use is only permitted in the consumption area, 
the security guard told the man to stop and go into the supervised 
area. The man became upset and shot the contents of the syringe — 
blood and narcotics — into the security guard’s face before he was 
taken into custody. The 22-year-old guard was treated at Chinook 
Regional Hospital and released.
Police arrested a suspect at the SCS and seized the syringe.
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Look at all the charges accumulated and believe it or not . . . it is not abnormal! We have a complete failure in the judicial and penal systems when dealing with First Nations, along with Ottawa pressuring the courts to be lenient on First Nations because too many are incarcerated. This is one of many examples of just how this fails when they take advantage of the system and abuse Canadians, ignoring laws. He should not have even been on the streets with that man charges waiting to be heard.

It is obvious this man has zero respect for the law which is supposed to be in place to protect law abiding citizens and doesn’t deserve to be on the streets for a very long time.

Security guards are unarmed and in some cases and postings are not allowed to put hands on perpetrators. All they have is the authority that is given to protect the people and property, the law, with little protection, other than the respect of the law and authority that uniformed guards are given by law abiding citizens.

That is why this person should not be allowed on the streets for a long time, to send a clear message that attacks against unarmed security guards will not be tolerated, especially in the severe manner this guard was attacked.

He will spend a year as a ‘pin cushion’, giving blood for tests for HIV/AIDS/HEP C, while getting shots. The blood in the syringe could have sprayed in the eyes, mouth or nose of the guard, completely the transfer of disease . . . this is serious and the courts better reflex it in their sentencing because this crisis on our streets and put many more security guards out on the streets and in facilities to deal with addicts and the line must be drawn that if you attack one of this unarmed guards, the consequence will be severe. He will also spend the rest of his life wondering if one of those diseases will surface!

Sadly, members of LPS and fire/EMS have been poked with syringes and face the same 1 year of fear, but children playing in parks have also been poked, and are terrified going to doctors/clinics from having all the needles for blood work and shots! Not much is said about this!