January 23rd, 2021

City hall closed to the public

By Jensen, Randy on March 19, 2020.


After declaring a State of Local Emergency Wednesday, the City of Lethbridge added more protective measures to limit the possible transmission of COVID-19, including the closure of city hall to the public as of 8 a.m. today.

Residents will be asked to access the City’s online services rather than visiting city hall. Anyone with urgent city hall business can call Lethbridge 311 to inquire about booking an appointment with the required department. A full list of online City Services is available at http://www.lethbridge.ca/onlineservices. The closure will be in effect until further notice.

City employees will continue to work in the building with appropriate measure in place to promote social distancing.

Other closures include:

– Lethbridge Police Service have closed public access to several areas. Details are available at https://www.lethbridgepolice.ca/.

– All Lethbridge fire halls are closed to the public. If you have urgent inquires for Lethbridge Fire and Emergency Services, please call Lethbridge 311 and they can help direct your call.

– Lethbridge Visitor Centre on Scenic Drive South has closed until further notice.

– Access to the Cemetery office is by appointment only

– With restricted access to the Animal Shelter, residents can have dog licences processed over the phone or by email. The shelter will accept pictures of lost pets to compare to animals housed and will continue to facilitate adoptions and pet returns by appointment.

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