January 18th, 2021

Call to action: responding to COVID-19 together

By Submitted Article on March 23, 2020.


The City of Lethbridge is calling on our entire community to support each other in this difficult and unprecedented time.

We recognize the basic needs and social impact the pandemic is causing for everyone. To this end we need your help.

As of March 18, HelpSeeker.org is reorienting its service delivery to support the City of Lethbridge’s COVID Social Response. >

This will include the following immediate actions:

IF YOU ARE A SOCIAL SERVICE PROVIDER, we need you to find ways to ensure service continuity through alternate options, including virtual service delivery, in this critical time. Immediately update your service offerings and availability during the pandemic period to ensure all information is accurate and continue to update this as your situation evolves in real time. Email Info@helpseeker.org if you require assistance 24/7.

CALL TO ACTION TO THE BROADER LETHBRIDGE COMMUNITY: If you’re willing to support the effort, please go to HelpSeeker.org to enlist your help offering. In the immediate term, we want to inventory and disseminate the following essential needs:

– Grocery stores that allow staggered entry to minimize exposure to vulnerable groups and/or pick up essentials; >

– Taxi services or approved service providers for food/essential needs delivery to vulnerable groups;

– Support with accessing virtual services, for instance, setting up orders for pharmacies or food delivery;

– Information on employment services navigation/legal assistance; mortgage assistance, financial supports, Employment Insurance, relief packages and applications; >

– Mental-health providers, social workers, teachers, counsellors to provide virtual (online/phone) services;

– Teachers and early childhood providers, to provide education supports, home-school resources, parent coaching to support learning.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO VOLUNTEER: It is in times of urgency and crisis when people see ways they can help through volunteering. Volunteer Lethbridge will perform the first step of screening to help connect you to volunteer opportunities. Please visit their website, http://www.volunteerlethbridge.com, where non-profit agencies have current volunteer opportunities posted, or https://www.search.helpseeker.org/admin/spots/375 to submit your information to support through volunteerism.

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