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Curves shifts to in-home workouts as COVID-19 restrictions closes gyms

By Jensen, Randy on April 20, 2020.

Tyler Hay

For The Herald

Gym closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic have led to many fitness coaches shifting to online delivery. Curves, one of the world’s largest chains of fitness clubs for women, has started offering at-home workouts for their members.

“While there was no way to anticipate this situation or have a roadmap of how to handle business in this unprecedented time, our new systems, products and services allowed us to manoeuvre quickly system-wide to transition the traditional Curves supportive community experience from in-club to online,” said Krishea Holloway, president of Curves.

During the pandemic, many Curves franchisees are sharing specialty classes for members on their Facebook pages. These classes feature coaches conducting fitness classes live multiple times a week, which members participate in from home.

According to a press release form Curves, local coaches are also making fitness solutions available to non-members who are searching for a way to stay fit and healthy. Women in the Lethbridge area can contact Curves of Lethbridge South at 403-381-2332 to get involved.

“Social distancing does not have to mean social disconnection. There is no health and fitness brand quite like Curves when it comes to the support and personal relationship our coaches have with members,” said Holloway.

In addition to Facebook classes, Curves offers members an on-demand service through their website. MyCurves On Demand is Curves’ at-home fitness platform, which allows members to stream workouts.

“The entire Curves team is doing a tremendous job of supporting franchisees and members in a time of crisis, utilizing our recently-introduced initiatives,” said Holloway.

The program replicates the in-club circuit using a resistance band in place of the machines.

“When our world had to unexpectedly ‘change stations,’ I’m proud to know that our team at Curves NA/Oceania had the experience in place to facilitate a system-wide about-face with incredible efficiency and effectiveness, while continuing to provide our members the best level of service possible under difficult circumstances,” said Holloway.

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