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Man headed to jail on mischief, release order charges

By Shurtz, Delon on April 24, 2020.

Delon Shurtz

lethbridge herald

A Lethbridge man who just can’t seem to stay away from his mother’s home, won’t have a problem staying away for the next several weeks, because he’ll be in jail.

Justin Jordan Payne was sentenced to one month in jail after he pleaded guilty Thursday to charges of forcible entry, mischief causing damage and failing to comply with conditions of a release order.

Payne had been released from custody March 6 for similar offences relating to his mother’s residence, and had been taken by police to the homeless shelter. He didn’t stay there, however and returned to his mother’s home where he kicked in the door to the shop then entered the house. When police arrived he locked himself in the bathroom.

Crown Prosecutor Dawn Janecke told court Payne, who has “ongoing” addiction issues, has a criminal record with similar convictions. He was sentenced last week to two months in jail on charges of mischief causing damage, threats to cause death or bodily harm, resisting arrest and failure to comply with a previous probation order prohibiting him from possessing weapons.

Those offences relate to incidents earlier on March 6 when Payne was at his mother’s house and the two began arguing. Payne angrily pushed past her, kicked in the door to the shop, then began hitting her pickup truck with a sledgehammer. When she tried to stop him he threatened to beat her.

Payne was still in the shop when police arrived, and when they ordered him to drop the sledgehammer he raised it over his head and ran away. After a short chase he dropped the hammer, but pulled out a knife, which he also threw to the ground. He was eventually arrested and handcuffed, but not before resisting officers’ attempts to take him into custody.

The 30-day sentence Payne received Thursday will run consecutively to the two months he received last week, and he still has other charges, which will be addressed during a court hearing next Thursday.

“He will be in custody for some time,” Lethbridge lawyer Claudia Connolly said.

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