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Website launched to support small businesses in Lethbridge

By Jensen, Randy on April 25, 2020.

Kevin Forsyth

For The Herald

A new website is supporting Lethbridge small businesses struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic. Airau Marketing launched on April 17 with the goal of allowing local vendors to sell gift cards for free, saving the cost of building a site and managing a point-of-purchase system.

“We’ve been in business for eight years now, and most of that time we’ve primarily served small businesses here in Lethbridge, so we wouldn’t exist without other small businesses,” said Leslie Ohene-Adjei, creative director for Airau Marketing. “It’s an important time for people to remember the impact that small businesses have on community, and the economy that it supports.”

In return businesses are asked to match purchases and give the dollar equivalent sold in goods and services back to the community, through the #BuyOneGiveOneYQL campaign.

“Part of what we want to do with this campaign is point out the impact that small businesses have on the Lethbridge community,” said Ohene-Adjei. “A lot of these businesses donate so much to the community, whether that’s their time, products, gift cards, whatever it may be, so we wanted to highlight that.”

Businesses have already begun posting gift cards for sale on the site, including the Movie Mill, who adapted to their closure by offering curbside pickup of their popcorn.

“We jumped at the opportunity to offer our gift cards for sale on the website as a way to participate, while donating an equivalent value to various in-need organizations throughout the Lethbridge area,” said Len Binning, owner of the Movie Mill.

Ohene-Adjei said Airau is not the only company trying to do something for the community and hopes everyone will find their own way to give back, whether that’s through Lethbridge Local or not.

“Connect with that small business owner that you know. Make purchases from them. Don’t forget about small businesses during this time,” said Ohene-Adjei.

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