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Check with city before beginning household projects

By Jensen, Randy on April 27, 2020.


While Lethbridge residents may have extra time to begin or complete renovations, the City of Lethbridge is urging residents to check if their projects require permits before proceeding. While some projects do not require permits, many do.

Permit regulations are legislated by the Province of Alberta and the City of Lethbridge is mandated to ensure compliance.

Although city hall is closed to the public due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is still open for business through eApply and staff are available for questions by telephone. Homeowners are reminded to ensure permits are in place prior to beginning (or completing) renovations, etc.

Permits and approvals are required prior to work commencing for:

– Construction or additions to a new building;

– Interior alterations/ modifications;

– Construction of retaining walls greater than 0.90 metres (three feet) in height;

– Construction of all covered decks;

– Construction of uncovered decks over 0.6 metres (approximately two feet) in height from the standing platform to the average grade; and

– Hot tubs and swimming pools;

Permits for other projects may also be required, so please see contact information below.

Permits are not required for:

– Minor repairs, painting, decorating or re-roofing if there are no structural changes to the building and matters affecting health or safety are not at risk;

– A single-storey accessory building not greater than 10 square metres in building area providing it does not create a hazard; and

– Repair or alterations to any heating, ventilation or air conditioning system which are of a minor nature and which, in the opinion of the safety codes officer, will not hinder the satisfactory operation of the system and does not involve the health or safety of the occupants of the building.

Additional permits may be required for electrical, plumbing, gas and heating/ventilation.

Visit the Permits & Applications Hub https://www.lethbridge.ca/Doing-Business/Planning-Development/Permits-Applications/Pages/Permit-Hub.aspx for more detailed guidelines on the application procedure, necessary construction drawings and frequently asked questions on requirements for specific types of projects.

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Unless you need a permit, You do not have to ask the City for permission to do anything, EVER.
Our City already likes to bypass Federal Laws, like Injection sites and use of Illegal Schedule 1 drugs.
Only a court of Law can change a Law in Canada.
Is Heroin legal in Canada? no. you can go out, you can talk with any Consenting Adult or shake their hand, hang out in your front yard, back yard, only under Incarceration can you be prevented from interacting with another consenting adult.
Is it wise? no. but fully in our Charter of Rights.
Trudeau can hop on his motorCycle and ride around, he can force his security to follow him to go see his Wife.