January 17th, 2021

Thanks for understanding during Herald press issues

By Jensen, Randy on June 11, 2020.

It’s been a crazy few days, weeks and months. Obstacles we never dreamt of and they just seem to keep coming. I know you rely on us for your best source of news and information, the phone calls we got on Wednesday just confirmed how passionate you are about The Lethbridge Herald. For that we thank you.

Our press decided it needed a rest at about midnight. It overheated and would not start again. The result was that we were unable to print the paper for Wednesday. We, too, were disappointed. We take great pride in giving you what you want in our local daily paper.

While we work through repairing our press we will be printing in our Medicine Hat facility. Thank you for the understanding and patience, we really do appreciate it. And thank you to the staff at The Herald, many of whom worked extra long shifts doing all they could to answer calls and help in any way they could.

Brian Hancock

Lethbridge Herald publisher

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