January 22nd, 2021

Victoria Park High celebrates achievements of graduating class

By Lethbridge Herald on June 16, 2020.

Rod Dueck, Victoria Park vice-principal and school administrator, presents graduation gifts to student Jesse Dixon, Tuesday afternoon. Herald photo by Greg Bobinec @GBobinecHerald

Greg Bobinec
Lethbridge Herald
Over the course of a three-day ceremony, the 2020 graduating class of Victoria Park High School received a personalized graduation ceremony for themselves, their family and friends to celebrate.
Seventy-six graduates walked across the stage to accept their diploma or certificate of achievement, and the staff of Victoria Park wanted to make each graduation moment special, by providing them with a 20-minute moment where it was all about their personal achievements.
“It was so important to us to be able to recognize the individuals and the talents that they have brought to our lives and the hard work that they have engaged with while they have been with us,” says Cayley King, principal of Victoria Park High School. “It was important to us to have time to acknowledge the family-stem support systems that have come along with them, so we didn’t know exactly how we were going to do it but we are delighted that we are able to set up individual ceremonies for every single one of them.”
Graduation is an important milestone in a young adult’s life, as it is the first step before discovering their true passions and what they will do in the future. King says they wanted to leave them with an impactful finish to a unique year through the ceremony, as well as a congratulatory gift box.
“Graduation, whether it is about their high school graduation or their certificate of achievement, it recognizes how hard they have worked and it marks a milestone and really affirms the fact that they have been able to accomplish something and that they can then turn around tomorrow and work on their next goal,” says King. “In the graduation box, we have a message from the adviser celebrating the individual, we have a message from myself about graduation and the importance of their work, we have a message reflecting on where we are at in this time of history as well, because it is a little unique. We have the tickets that would have been for our grad banquet, the program with all of their information and celebrates them, and then we purchased each of our graduates an individualized hoodie with their name engraved on the sleeve. Their grad theme was ‘The Final Tour’ so it has been set up as a concert hoodie, and all of their names are on ‘The Final Tour’ hoodie.”
Throughout the years of achievement, King hopes the graduating class will be able to look to the future bravely and help as many people, including themselves, to achieve all that they can.
“I hope that they take the time in life to look at what they have accomplished and what they are capable of doing in the future and to take a look at the people who have helped them, and to remember that they have the obligation then to turn back around and help the next one in line,” says King.
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