January 22nd, 2021

Masks to be required in public areas of City facilities

By Lethbridge Herald on July 28, 2020.

Lethbridge city council debated a motion which would make masks mandatory in all City-owned facilities for three hours during Monday's public meeting. The motion, drafted in response to a recent worrying spike in COVID-19 cases in Lethbridge and two reported deaths from the virus, passed by a final vote of 8-1. Herald photo by Tim Kalinowski

Tim Kalinowski
Lethbridge Herald
After three hours of debate during Monday’s public meeting and various amendments introduced by city council members, the City of Lethbridge will require masks be worn in public areas of City facilities.
The move comes in response to a recent worrying spike in COVID-19 cases in the city and two local deaths due to the disease.
This policy will be phased in gradually as each facility comes up with a way to do that practically.
As part of the motion, city council also empowered the city manager to begin the process of drafting a bylaw which would require mandatory mask use throughout the entire city when visiting stores or other public spaces which could be enacted at a later time.
A second related motion will also make masks mandatory on all City buses as of Aug. 4.
Mayor Chris Spearman co-sponsored the motion, and thanked council for showing leadership in protecting the health and safety of citizens.
“I think we are going to encourage people to wear them for everybody’s interest in terms of mutual health, protecting others, and making sure our businesses don’t suffer from a second wave,” he said. “Going forward into the next two weeks is critical. You have heard the medical officer of health provincially say what we’re seeing in terms of rising numbers now is due to activities that happened two weeks ago, and we want make sure the City of Lethbridge is ready five weeks from now when kids go back to school, and people are wanting to go back to work, we’re doing everything we possibly can as a community to make sure that we’re not assisting with the spread of the COVID-19 virus and doing everything we can to suppress it in this city.”
One controversial amendment introduced by Deputy Mayor Jeffrey Coffman, which passed by a close vote of 5-4, authorized the mayor to write a letter to the Medical Office of Health-South Zone asking AHS South Zone to be empowered as the authority to make the determination on mandatory mask use in this region and not the provincial Chief Medical Officer of Health Deena Hinshaw; given the Kenney government’s reluctance to impose a province-wide mandatory mask order.
Spearman acknowledged the political dimension of this amendment, but denied it represented a rift between the province and City on the best public health response to COVID-19. He said the premier had made it clear it was up to municipalities to decide if and when to bring in mandatory mask orders based on their own circumstances.
“We are listening to the Chief Medical Officer of Health who is encouraging the use of masks as much as possible,” he explained. “In the absence of political leadership from the province, we have to do it locally. The premier has said it is up to municipalities to do it so we have taken those first steps ourselves in the City of Lethbridge.
“I wouldn’t describe it as a rift, but the province has said it is not universal across the province because there are some municipalities with zero cases, some that have seen no rise. That has not been our experience (in the Lethbridge region).”
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Thank you . . . maybe the grocery stores can follow suit. I am getting tired of having people with no masks coming right up to me, brushing against me like the couple with 5 kids under 10 years old all around the cart and bumping into me . . . people see you with a mask and think it is funny to come right at you instead of staying on their side of the aisle.
Even waking in the riverbottom by the police range I got 2 feet off the 8 foot pathway to allow a couple with a stroller to pass by, but they walked right to my side, almost to taunt me, and laughed . . . People don’t care, they don’t get it . . . until one their own dies!

Wake up people! Our economy had already took a major hit!

We could have to shut it down again it you all don’t behave!


the masks should also help reduce the stench of graft and privilege that wafts from city hall manager and council offices. might need several masks layered and doused with essential oils.


This is a positive step forward. I encourage the Council to consider extending the bylaw to al enclosed public spaces.

The online citizens petition is still active at: