January 20th, 2021

Uninterrupted service for Pincher Creek Health Centre

By Jensen, Randy on July 31, 2020.


Alberta Health Services says care at the Pincher Creek Health Centre is continuing with uninterrupted service.

“The hospital is an important part of the community, and we value the care physicians and staff provide. Our goal is always to keep the site operating as normal, and to ensure that all patients receive safe and stable care,” says Dr. Michael Auld, South Zone Interim Medical Director, Alberta Health Services, in a news release.

Some Pincher Creek physicians had indicated they were going to not be available for shifts in August due to vacation and availability. As a result, AHS has been finding locum (temporary) physicians to cover all physician shifts at the site. As of Wednesday, physicians in Pincher Creek have indicated they will cover any remaining shifts not covered by locums, meaning all shifts are covered for August.

There are no plans for reduction of services or staff at the health centre, AHS said.

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