January 19th, 2021

Deciding how to feed your newborn

By Submitted Article on August 21, 2020.


When parents have a baby, one of their biggest decisions is how they choose to feed their new arrival.

These decisions are often influenced by family, peers, culture, social media and personal beliefs. Parents today are bombarded with so many choices. It is important to discuss your thoughts with your partner, friends, family, and your health care provider.

You may decide to feed breastmilk, infant formula or a combination of both.

Healthy Parents, Healthy Children is a wonderful resource to help you and your partner make that decision. (https://www.healthyparentshealthychildren.ca/). As well, a wealth of material is available via the Primary Health Care Resource Centre, here: https://www.albertahealthservices.ca/info/Page8567.aspx.

Some questions to explore are:

– What types of things are you wondering about when it comes to feeding your baby?

– What is important to you about feeding your baby?

– How do you feel about breastfeeding?

– Is there anything about home, work, school or your community that could affect your decision?

– Do you know someone who can support you in your feeding goals and decisions?

– How would you like to feed your baby?

The more knowledge a parent has, the easier it is to make a decision. Infant feeding support is available in many South Zone communities. Check with your local community health site to see what’s available where you live.

In Medicine Hat, the Infant Feeding Clinic at the health unit is available Monday to Thursday in the afternoon and Friday mornings. Please call the Health Unit at 403-502-8200 to book an appointment. In Lethbridge, call the Community Health site at the train station 403-388-6666 for information.

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