January 21st, 2021

Step ‘n Stride event going virtual this year

By Sulz, Dave on August 26, 2020.

Parkinson fundraiser takes place Sept. 12


Parkinson Association of Alberta’s eighth annual Flexxaire Parkinson Step ‘n Stride is going virtual.

The PAA’s largest fundraiser for the Parkinson community in Alberta will take place Sept. 12 as an online event. Hundreds of Flexxaire Parkinson Step ‘n Stride participants will walk, bike, run, swim or attend virtual fitness classes to raise funds for Parkinson’s disease and help organizers reach their goal. Like many organizations, PAA recognizes the uniqueness of today and has decided on a financial goal a bit less than in years past of $250,000. But because they know the community rallies at times like these, organizers have a not-so-secret “stretch” goal of $400,000.

Official walk day will bring together motivational messages from Parkinson Association of Alberta’s CEO Lana Tordoff, board chair Martin Kratz and others while participants hit the streets, parks and neighbourhoods and “walk together.” The supporters are united in their goal to ease the burden of the Parkinson disease and to one day find a cure.

More than 10,000 Albertans are living with Parkinson’s disease (PD). PD affects thousands more through caregivers and family members. There is no cure and rates are increasing. Flexxaire Parkinson Step ‘n Stride raises essential funds for Parkinson disease services, education, advocacy and research.

This year’s campaign includes weekly workouts which started Aug. 1, presented by health and fitness experts from across the province. Participate in all six and be entered to win a flight for two anywhere WestJet flies.

Watch for contests, prizes and draws both provincially and by region.

To register and participate in Flexxaire Parkinson Step ‘n Stride virtual event, or for more information about the event, visit http://www.stepnstride.ca.

For more information on Parkinson Association of Alberta, visit http://parkinson


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