January 16th, 2021

At-home learning cohorts can book education programs at the Galt

By Jensen, Randy on September 4, 2020.

Museum Educator Rebecca Wilde wears a mask while holding objects from the Galt’s curriculum-based education programs in front of the museum. Photo by Fort Whoop-Up and Galt Museum & Archives/Graham Ruttan

Graham Ruttan

Galt Museum & Archives

The Galt Museum & Archives is one of the most popular destinations for educational field trips, with over 10,000 students, staff and caregivers coming through education programs in an average year.

Caregivers in southern Alberta are making very difficult decisions about how to educate their children, with some students planning to attend in-person school, other students planning to utilize virtual at-home learning options provided through local school divisions, and other students who will be home schooled.

In order to provide access to these education programs, the Galt has opened booking for at-home learning cohorts to book education programs on their website.

“We know that more students than usual will not be learning in traditional classroom settings,” says Museum Educator Rebecca Wilde. “We wanted to extend the opportunity to experience these curriculum-based programs to parents and caregivers who are making the difficult decision to educate their children at home, whether through virtual learning or home schooling. These programs will be a real support to those caregivers who are new to overseeing the formal education of their children.”

Teachers from across southern Alberta have very positive things to say about the education programs offered at the Galt, saying things like “The students were able to explore the stories of immigrants through a variety of tools (artifacts, documents, replicas)” and “I was so amazed at the amount of information the students recalled.”

Caregivers interested in booking education programs at the Galt can go to http://www.galtmuseum.com/education to book curriculum-based programs that fit with their teaching plans. Spots for at-home learning cohorts are scheduled daily from 11 a.m. to noon. Each program for at-home learning cohorts can accommodate a group of up to 12 people including adults and children and costs a flat fee of $45 (plus tax).

“Our Museum Educators have worked long and hard to prepare and deliver these programs that have been developed to address specific learning objectives of the Alberta curriculum,” says CEO Darrin Martens. “Parents and caregivers will be happy to know that this resource which is so well used and valued by teachers and schools will be available to them as well.”

The classroom space where the programs are held will be cleaned and high-touch surfaces will be disinfected between groups. All visiting groups will be required to wear masks during the indoor programs as required by the temporary mandatory face-covering bylaw from city council, which took effect on Aug. 24.

The system for booking education programs for at-home learning cohorts uses the same award-winning system that the Galt implemented for school bookings and time ticketed entry. The system automates booking programs, includes automated confirmation and reminder emails. It has been well used by visitors and teachers over the last year.

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