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Feed Lethbridge to benefit Lethbridge, Interfaith Food Banks

By Jensen, Randy on September 11, 2020.


Lethbridge Food Bank and Interfaith Food Bank have announced a joint fundraising event. With the current climate due to COVID-19, both local food banks have had to look at alternatives for their major fundraising events. Lethbridge Food Bank and Interfaith Food Bank have partnered with local radio stations to host Feed Lethbridge, a city-wide dinner party on Sept. 25 from 6-9 p.m.

The community is invited to host dinner parties in their own locations, with friends, family or coworkers. The Feed Lethbridge website will host opportunities to purchase dinner packages, an online auction, and various other fundraising options to support local food banks.

Throughout the evening, participants can tune into their favourite local radio stations for music and direction to more Feed Lethbridge activities. This joint initiative will provide the community with a safe and flexible means of supporting local food banks and local businesses.

Event details include:

– The Feed Lethbridge website is now live to begin taking meal orders. Host a fun party in a safe and unique way;

– Visit http://www.feedlethbridge.com to purchase dinner packages;

– Meal options include prepared meals or meal kits;

– An online auction goes live at noon on Sept. 18. Auction items will be picked up by successful bidders following the event, apart from the dessert auction. The dessert auction will close one hour prior at 8 p.m. and the successful dessert bidders will have their desserts delivered to them during their dinner parties on Sept. 25;

– 50/50 ticket sales are available on the website at http://www.feedlethbridge.com now until Sept. 25 at 9 p.m. The draw will take place on Oct. 5; and

– Donations will be accepted throughout, just click to donate at http://www.feedlethbridge.com.

Visit Facebook page @feedlethbridge for list of sponsors and new information. People are urged to invite others to do the same and host their own events to make the event a citywide party.

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