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Outbreak identified in Lethbridge College powerline technician program

By Herald on November 2, 2020.

Lethbridge Herald

Lethbridge College is reporting a COVID-19 that an outbreak has been declared within the college’s powerline technician program. As of Sunday, a total of seven cases have been identified within the cohort.

The college indicated that there is minimal risk to the campus community as a whole as the cohort has recently been in a college property that is not located on the main campus. Some members of the cohort were also in the college’s Instructional Building on Oct. 26 but remained in their cohort, meaning no one else in the building have been identified as close contacts. None of the cohort have recently been in the main connected part of the college campus.

The college has already contacted affected individuals on the direction of Alberta Health Services. Those who have not been contacted directly by the college on behalf of AHS are not considered exposed. The affected individuals are isolating at home, while the remainder of the cohort is quarantining in accordance with AHS guidelines.

The college says it has worked collaboratively with AHS to follow protocols aimed at preventing the spread of the virus and protecting the community. Lethbridge College learned of the first positive test on Thursday. The affected cohort was last on college property on Thursday. Because of the isolated nature of the property where the cohort spent most of its time, the college and AHS have been able to connect directly with anyone who may have come in contact with the affected individuals.

Scheduled on-campus labs and classes are continuing at Lethbridge College, with the exception of the affected cohort that has already been contacted separately and moved to online delivery. The college has undertaken a thorough cleaning of the affected area under strict protocols to protect caretaking staff.

In response to this outbreak, Lethbridge College is immediately reviewing all trades and in-class programs protocols to minimize spread. The college will implement all identified improvements in protocols across all on-campus programs.

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