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Police Commission discusses proposed LPS budget cut

By Tim Kalinowski on December 2, 2020.


Lethbridge Chief of Police Shahin Mehdizadeh said it will be challenging to absorb a proposed $1-million cut to the Lethbridge Police Service budget.
“That’s not something that is decided as of yet, and obviously there is going to be more discussion in a couple of weeks (at city council),” he said to reporters prior to the Lethbridge Police Commission meeting on Tuesday evening. “As I have mentioned before, any cut to the police budget may mean some reduction in service. But we just have to first of all see what those cuts are, and from there formulate a plan to still provide great service to the community staying within that budget limit.”
Mehdizadeh said a $1-million cut would represent about 2.5 per cent of the total police budget for the City of Lethbridge.
“When you look at a police force of our size it is significant,” he stated. “And when you look at all of policing most of our budget is in salaries; so that might mean we have to find ways to save money in different ways. There are some internal processes we can obviously look at, but regardless of how you cut it, there may still be some reduction in the level of service we provide.”
Mehdizadeh emphasized he did value The Watch, the CPOs and the PACT, and appreciated that they had been fully funded by council.
“Those three programs are really productive for this community,” Mehdizadeh explained, “and they are doing great service. These are the programs that do cost money, but if you had police officers providing that same service it is going to cost a lot more.”
However, Mehdizadeh later told commissioners he could possibly find ways to absorb a $1-million cut for 2021, but said an ongoing cut beyond 2021 would have a detrimental effect on the police service, which would be “in a world of hurt.” In response to commissioners’ questions about potential cuts to the Watch, CPOs and PACT programs, he acknowledged the value of the programs to the community, but suggested they had never been intended to take the place of the service’s current sworn police officers when originally proposed.
“We certainly don’t want to short-change the community on those programs,” he stated; “however if we now have to fund $1 million, which means I have to take police officers off the line. Now you are actually reducing the (existing) police officers which those programs were helping to support.”
Commissioners also asked Mayor Chris Spearman and Commissioner Blaine Hyggen if they could predict which way city council might be leaning on finalizing its cut to the police budget at the Dec. 14 council meeting.
“I can’t predict whether or not this might go forward,” Spearman confirmed. But he also reminded his fellow commissioners, and he was echoed by Hyggen on this point, to not fund The Watch, PACT or CPOs with the money council has designated for that purpose would have an impact on the credibility of future requests from the police service to council.
“There were separate presentations to council on the programs (from the LPS), and a passionate plea to council these programs were justified,” said Spearman. “So on that basis, council in their budget discussions has funded them. If a subsequent decision was made to defund those programs after funding was applied, it would only affect the credibility of future requests.”
Commission chair Simon Griffiths then suggested the commission make an inquiry of city council as to whether or not the budget cut, if passed on Dec. 14, would just be for one year or ongoing thereafter. He then proposed a motion for Mehdizadeh to enter into a budget process, alongside the commission’s finance committee, to come up with options on how the service might absorb the potential 2.5-per-cent cut in 2021.
This motion was adopted unanimously by the members of the Lethbridge Police Commission.

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First, this is an annual cut of $1 million in the next 2 years, meaning they just took away $2 million!
This is another great example why we need to replace this Council. Almost every person on this Council needs to be fired!
They are great at blowing millions on the Arts, over $35 million on Casa and the Yates in the last 5 years and then funding a study on a new performing arts center costing $100 million. They blew $10 million on 3rd Avenue along Galt Gardens on a beautification project . . . who are they beautifying’ it for . . . the addicts and homeless that have taken over Galt Gardens I guess!
Too many other needs of this city were ignored and they allowed a SCS to open, ignoring the concerns of citizens that tried to show them the mistakes made by BC and how the safe injection sites failed after 17 years and billions of taxpayer dollars burned and thousands of lives killed by their mistake of enabling addicts instead of treating them! Infact, when 2 Councillors tried to show Council the mistakes and the issues, they were attacked and verbally abused by Myashiro and Campbell and scolded by the Mayor! It was unprofessional and showed that for some reason, these people were going to allow the raping and pillaging of our community to continue, with the numbers of addicts rising after it opened and the number of fatal overdoses.
The city blew millions on programs to compensate the impact of this gongshow called a SCS that was nothing more than a killing machine that saw people die in the parking lot and with blocks after leaving the site!
Council created this mess and failed the citizens miserably in a display of poor leadership, spitting in the faces of the citizens impacted and now they want to cut the police budget by $2 million in the next 2 years, $1 million per year, while our city is still in a Council created crisis!?? Fire them!
They allowed the population on the westside to explode, knowing we needed a third bridge, but instead, they wanted that money to go for a new $100 million performing arts center.
They don’t listen to the concerns of the public, and spend money without any consideration of what this city really needs!
Next time you call police and they take 2 -3 hours to respond . . . thank the Council we now have and remember, we have an election coming up in less than a year . . . that is why they are afraid to increase property taxes! So for an extra $15-$25 per year on an average property in this city per year, we are taking away a vital service we need in this city at a time when it is in drug/crime crisis!
Personally, waiting until next year is too long to replace this Council!

Last edited 3 years ago by ewingbt