May 28th, 2024

Neudorf supports City plan for EMS dispatch

By Tim Kalinowski on December 5, 2020.


Lethbridge-East MLA Nathan Neudorf said he supports a city council decision to offer $1.2 million per year to the province with the hope Premier Jason Kenney will intervene to preserve local integrated EMS dispatch in the community.
“I can’t speak on behalf of the premier for that,” said Neudorf, “but I know I have been a part of many conversations, standing strong with our City for the recognition of the need for those services.”
Neudorf said he does not know what decision the minister of health and the premier will make after receiving the offer to pay from the City of Lethbridge.
“I would definitely hope they would consider it,” he stated. “I know there are a lot of moving parts within it. There is the AHS piece of it. There is how it intersects with Municipal Affairs and the municipality in terms of fire and police response. So there is a large number of integrations involved with that, and I would hope they are taking that into consideration.”

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