May 21st, 2024

Lethbridge Public Library to continue offering curbside services 

By Herald on December 14, 2020.

The Lethbridge Public Library has returned to a curbside pick up service model following new health measures that went into effect over the weekend.

The library will be operating Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Sunday 12 to 4 p.m. 

Full instructions for curbside pick up are available on at, as well as online resources being available 24/7. Library cards are also available through the website at no fee.

Customers with a Library card can access:

• eBooks, audiobooks and streaming content through Libby, OverDrive, and hoopla 

• internationalnewspapersthroughPressReader
• magazinesthroughFlipster
• online courses that can help you learn a new language through Pronunciator 

• online courses that can help you improve or learn new skills through Gale Courses
• animated and interactive children’s stories, games, and videos through TumbleBook Library 

• helpful homework tools for students through SOLARO 

The Library has added more than 1,700 titles to the OverDrive service to meet community needs at this time. 

Online programming will also continue on the library’s website at as well as on their YouTube channel at and Kids Facebook page at LethlibKids/. 

Staff at the Lethbridge Public Library continue to work toward serving the community with ongoing services that are safe and meet the community’s needs.

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pursuit diver

REALLY? . . . . I have watched the John’s picking up hookers there for the last few years and drugs!
The downtown Library administration has allowed drug dealers and hookers to hang there for the past few years and I wonder it the Corp of Commissionaires are no longer there because of the politics and security’s hands been bound from doing their jobs and protecting the citizens and there children.
Many will not allow their children to go to the downtown library. It looks a little better with the new security firm, but it is still a place that is dangerous.
Many of the homeless/addicts hang there in the day, using the washrooms as a consumption area, washing their clothes/hair/bodies in the sinks/toilets, and using it as their personal office. They don’t wear masks, social distance or have any concerns about any disease, including COVID. Many have Hepititis C/HIV-AIDS and other diseases, selling their bodies without concerns and their clients not being concerned.
Using the public washrooms there, is just asking to get some disease! But the management seems to think it is all okay and had her head up in the clouds . . . ignoring public health concerns!
Curb services – – – more than you can imagine!! Security can only do so much under the management there, but it has been somewhat better there with the new company, they need to bring a new CEO that wants to protect it’s clients and their children!
I do not stand alone in my thoughts of the downtown library being a dangerous place for children!