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Return of winter putting people at risk of exposure outside

By Tim Kalinowski on January 21, 2021.

Herald photo by Ian Martens Street advocate and Kindness to Others founder Alvin Mills, at right, visits with a pair of residents after handing out some blankets earlier this week at Galt Gardens. @IMartensHerald


With winter weather expected to return next week, street advocate and Kindness to Others founder, Alvin Mills, says there has been a recent surge in people coming to Lethbridge from the Kainai Reserve who are either choosing to sleep outside due to ongoing restrictions at Alpha House or simply have no other place to go.
He is worried the situation may lead to increased stress and risk of exposure for those camping rough in the city.
“I will be handing out a few blankets to the people who are sleeping outside continually here in the city,” he told The Herald this week.
“I want to raise more awareness of what these people are going through on a daily basis. By sleeping outside, they are exposed to the elements.”
Mills estimates about 160 to 180 people are now walking around Lethbridge on a daily basis, and he is hoping more resources to help keep people warm come from the Blood Tribe and other local organizations and individuals who can help.
“The needs of people on the street are increasing, and some people don’t look favourably on the people getting these blankets,” he acknowledges. “But they are going to sleep outside regardless. Cold weather is expected next week, and these people are outside all day long.”

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