July 24th, 2024

Four charged after warrant executed

By Lethbridge Police Service on February 3, 2021.

Lethbridge police have charged four people after executing a search warrant at a southside home last Thursday, seizing a small amount of drugs seized and recovering more than $14,000 in stolen property.
Police obtained a search warrant for a home in the 1300-block of Henderson Lake Blvd. after receiving complaints about activity consistent with drug trafficking. Patrol units, with assistance of the Crime Suppression Team and Downtown Policing Unit, executed the warrant and recovered Global Positioning System equipment, which they say had earlier been reported as stolen. Police also say a small amount of fentanyl was seized.
Stacey Lyons, 49, of Lethbridge, has been charged with possession of stolen property over $5,000.
He has been released from custody to appear in court April 6.
Steve Isele, 49, of Lethbridge, has been charged with possession of a controlled substance. He has been released to appear in court April 29.
Police say they also executed multiple outstanding warrants for Betty Hancock, 49, of Raymond, and Julie Vuch, 45, of Lethbridge.

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Again, here is another example of drug dealers already living near where the mustard seed planned to put their SOBER housing.
Over the past few months I’ve been collecting any and all news stories related to drug dealing arrests and I would also like to note the disparity between non-indigenous names/people being charged with drug trafficking vs indigenous people/names.

A much wider margin are NON indigenous people. THe anti drug crowd really ought to begin re-assessing their racist worldviews to more correctly match the data of who the criminals are here.


there would be far fewer issues, plus a massive savings of public resources, with legal drugs. in fact, a free society has no right to legislate what an adult chooses to ingest. draconian laws are responsible for far too many deaths, and are inhumane, and are crimes against humanity. legalise and ensure freedom and quality control…just like liquor.