April 22nd, 2021

Possessing stolen vehicles costs man 75 days in jail

By Delon Shurtz on February 26, 2021.

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Carter Dylan Rains didn’t steal the 2019 F150 truck and 2017 Jaguar that were parked at his house in 2019, but he knew they had been stolen, a judge was told Wednesday in Lethbridge provincial court.
Rains, who appeared in court by closed-circuit TV from the Lethbridge Correctional Centre, pleaded guilty to two counts of possession of stolen property and was sentenced to 75 days in jail.
Crown Prosecutor Clayton Giles said police went to Rains’ residence during their investigation of the thefts, and saw the truck parked on his property. Rains told police his friend had stolen the truck, and admitted he had even sat in the Jaguar, which he also knew was stolen, yet he allowed them to remain on his property.
The co-accused, Eric Smith, received a similar sentence last year. Court was told Smith drove the F150 into a garage door at a rural residence near Coaldale on Oct. 26, 2019, which gave him access to the Jaguar.
Although Rains, 28, co-operated with police and helped them solve the theft case, Giles pointed out he must still be sentenced to deter him from committing future offences, for which he will only get longer jail terms.
Rains told court he plans to receive treatment for his substance abuse.
“It’s time I did,” he said.
He told the judge he lost a brother to drugs, and said his father doesn’t want any contact with him until he’s dealt with his issues.
He plans to move to B.C., he added, to live with another brother and get away from the bad influences in Lethbridge.

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