April 22nd, 2021

Walk with rifle results in fine for careless use of a weapon

By Lethbridge Herald on February 26, 2021.

Delon Shurtz
lethbridge herald
Richard Allen Knoch should have left his rifle at home, rather than his coat and shoes, when he went for a short walk last December.
It was just after 8:00 in the morning on Dec. 11 when the 65-year-old Coalhurst resident was seen walking barefoot along 51 Avenue, and wearing only his housecoat. But his lack of winter attire isn’t what attracted the attention of nearby residents; it was the gun he was carrying as he walked toward the Coalhurst Elementary School, where he was seen by teachers and young students.
Police responded to complaints of a man with a gun, and found Knoch at his home just west of the school. At first he said he didn’t have a rifle, but then admitted he had carried a pellet gun to his friend’s home a short distance away and placed it on his porch. Police found the gun near the porch, but it was actually a .22 calibre rifle. They noted it had a trigger lock and was not loaded.
Knoch pleaded guilty Wednesday in Lethbridge provincial court to one count of careless use of a weapon and was fined $500. He told court he had not used the gun for several years, and only used it to shoot gophers.
Crown Prosecutor Bruce Ainscough pointed out Knoch was intoxicated at the time of the offence.
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talk about personal freedoms, next if they see you carrying a jack knife

Last edited 1 month ago by phlushie
Kal Itea

BS phlushie
The goofball was a perceived threat.
Personal freedoms mantra.


in Lethbridge everyone driving a lifted 4X4 is a perceived threat.

John P Nightingale

Try sharing your thought with parents of kids from Columbine or Ecole Polytechnique…


I guess I grew up in Alberta in a different era. At school there were a minuimum of 4 half tons parked at school wit a rifle shotgun and .22 in a gunrack in the back window. And guess what the doors were not locked and the windows were rolled down.

John P Nightingale

Yes you did.

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