April 22nd, 2021

Sage Clan gives new purpose in life for member recovering from addiction

By Tim Kalinowski on March 6, 2021.

HERALD PHOTO BY Tim Kalinowski Recovering opioid addict and alcoholic Cody Fox, at back with his two children Connor and Callie, has found new purpose volunteering with the Sage Clan in Lethbridge. Fox was helping to distribute bannock with fellow Sage Clan members and Kindness to Others founder Alvin Mills on Friday. Pictured at the table, left to right, are Josh Cummins, James Fried, Jasmine Cachene, Alvin Mills and Lee Anne Cutter.

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With the sun shining down on Galt Gardens, Cody Fox, wearing the jacket of the Sage Clan, plays with his kids who run around him asking unanswerable questions as just a few feet away fellow Sage Clan members and Kindness to Others founder Alvin Mills work together to hand out a special meal to those among the local homeless community. It’s a special treat today in place of the usual sandwiches: bannock, ham and cheese wraps. Cody is looking fit and healthy.
It is a far better place for Fox today than where he found himself back in December: out on the street and hopelessly addicted.
Grief and trauma had driven Fox to the edge after the tragic loss of his father, grandfather and cousin in a short span last year, and he turned increasingly to alcohol and opioids to cope. But when his brother, R.J. Heavy Shields, passed away on Dec. 4 suddenly Fox knew he was faced with a simple choice: get sober or die.
“Last year in December I wasn’t in a good place,” he admits. “I was going through a lot of issues. I met Alvin Mills through Bringing the Spirit Home detox in Standoff, Alberta. I was able to get clean from alcohol and opioids.”
After getting out of detox and treatment, Fox was able to return home and reconnect with his two young children, Callie and Connor.
“I have two loving kids who are my pride and joy,” he says. “I am able to connect with my kids and family in a different way than before. I was selfish, and kept to myself with my bottle. I find (sobriety) is a new chapter in my life, and it is very humbling to be here sharing my story.”
After reconnecting with his family, Fox felt he wanted to do more to help those still struggling with drug addiction on the street.
“I got hold of Mark Brave Rock, the founder of Sage Clan, and I was able to tell him my story,” he explains. “He is a great friend and mentor, and now I am able to help out with people in the community. I am able to give back.”
Fox said Sage Clan has given him new purpose and a new mission in life.
“I want to make my people proud, my family proud, and I want to give back to Sage Clan and the people out there (on the streets),” he says. “Being able to talk with them, sharing their stories, and being able to help out. They are human beings too. Some of them are brave and tough because they have been out here for so long, and I have that feeling for them of compassion and love. I am thankful to be part of my new family (the Sage Clan), and I am thankful to be alive and be out here giving back.”
Mills said it is astonishing to see how far Fox has come in the past three months.
“It brings a warm feeling to be able to see the progress he has made,” says Mills. “I am hoping to see more of that. For some people in recovery it only enforces their sobriety that they can give back like this.”

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Congratulations Cody for becoming clean and sober! You can be such an inspiration and light for many others and I wish you the very best. It is my hope that you help many, many more come out of the darkness and turn their lives around. All the best.

Seth Anthony

According to “woke” people, Cody’s recovery is a lie. Woke people tell addicts that it’s not their choice. Telling an addict that’s it’s not their choice is the worst thing you can do for an addict. By doing so, you’re telling them that there is nothing they can do to help themselves. Yet, Cody among countless others, prove otherwise.

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