July 12th, 2024

Coal company’s environment assessment focus of SACPA talk

By Southern Alberta Council on Public Affairs on April 7, 2021.

Southern Albertans have heard Environment Canada’s frequent wind warnings, particularly between November to April. It should follow that Benga Mining Ltd. (Riversdale) would, as part of their application, have completed comprehensive and accurate assessments of wind speed, dust particle size etc., as part of their Environmental Impact Assessment for their Grassy Mountain Open-Pit coal mining proposal. But have they?
At 10 a.m. on Thursday, Southern Alberta Council on Public Affairs (SACPA) speaker Allan Garbutt will argue Benga’s Environmental Impact Assessment contains flaws and inaccuracies in methodology and the time-frame of data collection, which resulted in underestimating the amount and movement of micro dust particles and the distance micro and larger dust particles would be carried by the winds, resulting in errors in the data of Environmental Impact Assessment submissions. Corollary topics will include research on short and long-term health outcomes for people living in communities close to coal mines.
YouTube Live link: https://youtu.be/ev3kpUTd448

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