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Fundraiser supporting family awaiting liver transplant

By Lethbridge Herald on April 7, 2021.

Melanie Hamilton’s youngest daughter, Erin, has a rare medical liver disorder in which she cannot digest protein. Erin, who hails from Lethbridge, has had this condition since infancy, resulting in numerous hospital stays over the last 10 years, which have increased in frequency and duration over the last five years. Unfortunately, the last year has been extremely stressful and challenging for Erin, spending over 160 days in the hospital since the beginning of 2020 and the majority of 2021, having only been home for a total of 18 days to date.
Last week, Erin’s medical team made the decision that the only treatment is a liver transplant. Melanie and Erin are currently up in Calgary at the Alberta Children’s Hospital where they have spent the last six weeks. At this point, there are no plans for Erin to be discharged and she will remain in the hospital until a donor’s liver becomes available, as she has officially been listed as Status 2. Melanie was told the wait could be anywhere between 12-18 months but they are hopeful the transplant will occur in the next 1-2 months.
The most recent hospital admission has been extremely hard for the family, and Erin’s health has become extremely unstable requiring a liver transplant. This in and of itself would be hard enough for any family but is compounded by the current pandemic and the inability of the Hamilton’s family and friends to support them in the usual manner. 
A GoFundMe page has been set up for Erin at https://gf.me/v/c/hdnx/hamiltons-transplant-journey
As of Tuesday, the campaign had already raised $14,920. The funds raised from this campaign will be used to assist the family with some of the costs incurred, such as food and other necessities for Melanie who is currently residing at the Ronald McDonald House in Calgary and will have to relocate to Edmonton once a liver is found for Erin for a minimum of three months post surgery. Other costs include travel expenses such as gas, food, and lodging for the immediate family to stay connected, and supplies for Erin while she awaits and then recuperates in hospital to keep abreast of school work and other household expenses that may arise as a result of time off work.

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