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Magnet fishing draws angler to treasure

By Herald on April 13, 2021.

Justin Lorenson casts out his line as he does a little magnet fishing Sunday afternoon on the docks at Henderson Lake. Herald photo by Dale Woodard

Dale Woodard – Lethbridge Herald

It wasn’t the type of fishing that was going to put food on the table for Justin Lorenson.

But it was certainly a beneficial type of fishing nonetheless.

On this particular outing on the docks at Henderson Lake Sunday afternoon, live bait was swapped out for a double-sided magnet and while the catches didn’t did to be gutted and cleaned, it was a cleanup of sorts as Lorenson and a trio of other fishermen took part in magnet fishing.

“You take your magnet out, throw it out and drag it along the bottom, sometimes even along the dock,” said Lorenson , displaying the double-sided magnet he uses to reel in potential treasure. “You can grab metal objects like quarters, knives and all sorts of cool stuff. You just never know what you’re going to catch.”

Lorenson said Henderson Lake is a regular stop for his magnet fishing outings, but he used to frequent a pond nearby his house.

“But I stopped doing the one by my house because I think I cleaned it right up.”

While magnet fishing is more of a cleanup, not everything brought onto the dock is garbage.

“The cool thing is you find treasures,” said Lorenson. “Sometimes you just find junk you throw in the garbage, but I’ve found treasures like quarters and you can even spend the change sometimes, depending on the condition. I enjoy it quite a lot.”

Lorenson began magnet fishing a little over a year ago when he moved to Lethbridge from Leduc.

“I was watching videos on it and it gave me the idea that I want to do this, you can actually pull something cool out.”

Lorenson’s family has also gotten involved in his magnet fishing ventures. His father bought him the magnet he was using Sunday afternoon and he plans to do more magnet fishing when he visits family in Leduc.

In the meantime, Lorenson hopes to hit a few other local fishing spots.

“I’m thinking Fairmont Park, because I’ve never been there yet, but everywhere I’m so far tried hasn’t really been successful,” he said. “The odd time you find stuff. But not always. But you don’t want to give up. You just never know.”

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