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Police issue 158 tickets during Street Machine Weekend

By Tim Kalinowski on July 13, 2021.

Herald photo by Al Beeber - Some of the more responsible motorists take part in the Street Machine Weekend, while some drivers faced tickets for various violations.

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Lethbridge Police and the Alberta Sheriffs issued 158 tickets over the Street Machine Weekend.
According to police, the majority of those tickets were issued for equipment violations and operator licence issues, such as suspended or expired licences.
Police issued 78 of those tickets on Friday, and one vehicle was towed after failing a vehicle inspection. Another 80 were issued on Saturday, and the Lethbridge Police Service provided assistance to the Coaldale RCMP to assist in controlling a large crowd of people and vehicles.
While the weekend went fine for the most part with most motorists behaving in a respectful manner, the LPS said they were concerned about a “negative” element among those who came out.
“There continues to be a certain element, however, which has a negative impact on the community with its dangerous driving behaviours and attitudes that put others in the community at risk,” it says in a statement released to the media on Monday. “As a result, Lethbridge Police will continue to ensure it has the appropriate resources available for future events of this nature.”
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